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Empire Admin -> J.J. Abrams Posts First Behind-The-Scenes Episode VII Pic (14/11/2013 11:39:45 PM)

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GrizBe -> RE: Phew (15/11/2013 5:07:57 PM)


ORIGINAL: bleugh07

As far as I'm concerned Atroo and Threepio are the only characters you absolutely need. I hope they pull off bringing the old cast back tastefully, but I'm pretty take it - or - leave it about seeing old Han and old Luke and old Leia really...

Pretty much this. The droids have pretty much always been something of the narators of the series. We see the events that happen around and through those two.

As for the rest of the cast... honestly... I couldn't care less about seeing any of the old cast. While its a nice tie to the original trilogy, they're just not needed.

Take the Star Trek reboots. While it was cool to see Old Spock, he wasn't really needed and was pretty much just a plot element cameo. Any more then the amount he appeared would have ruined the magic of his appearance. Similarly... including Old Kirk or, as much as we internet geeks love him, Takai as old Sulu would have detracted from the environment of the new movies and ruined them.

Retrorube -> RE: No barrage of on-set photos please (16/11/2013 5:42:08 PM)

I couldn't disagree more... I'm so tired of C-3P0 it's not funny. He was always stupid but in the latest movies he got really annoying... not JarJar annoying but still. I think it's time for something new all this bringing back everything from the other movies is boring. Theres a whole world of ideas out there try using them rather than falling back on the familiar. I do like R2D2 still but thats because he's not a camp talking twerp.

Hood_Man -> RE: No barrage of on-set photos please (16/11/2013 5:45:10 PM)

Lawrence Kasdan is involved? Where have I been that I did not know this??

My anticipation has just gone up another notch!

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