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Empire Admin -> Fox Moves Release Dates for Fantastic Four & Assassin's Creed (13/11/2013 11:01:29 AM)

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williamstephen1972 -> Summer of 2015!!! (13/11/2013 11:01:29 AM)

I'm going to need a wage rise for that summer alone I reckon.....

Kmadden2004 -> (13/11/2013 11:20:23 AM)

I've already taken out a second mortgage on my house in preparation for all the movie ticket I'm going to have to buy in a couple of years...

MDG_78 -> RE: (13/11/2013 11:34:10 AM)

Well Star Wars Episode VII will be released in December of '15 now but yes what a packed year! The hype will be extraordinary and will have to be choosy as to what to see at the cinema or wait to watch it at home.

The three must-see's for me; Avengers 2, Superman/Batman and Star Wars.

World Of Warcraft could be great or pants, really not sure and for Jurassic World to work it needs to either be grittier and bloodier or be bigger and more epic in scope to succeed. It's called Jurassic WORLD at the end of the day so let's hope it doesn't take place in another theme park.

2014 isn't looking that bad though, perhaps more eclectic and less obvious; Godzilla, X-Men, Spider-Man are the obvious ones then more daring/weird choices like Guardians of the Galaxy, prequel/sequel to ROTPOTA, Noah(!) and two biggies at the end of the year, as big as anything in 2015 in the shape of Nolan's Interstellar and the third Hobbit film.

Then there are all the gems that we don't know about or aren't excited by yet, another Gravity or Moon or Brick or something just around the corner. Happy days to be a film fan, THIS is another Golden Age whatever the naysayer's and Mark Kermode may think.

Nicky C -> Properly Mental (13/11/2013 11:54:03 AM)

Firstly, this kills independent film in 2015. People won't give anything interesting a chance if they've put back all their cash for roughly 1200 blockbusters. So, Harvey Weinstein's going to have a bad year. Secondly, nobody's going to pay to watch all of them, so there are going to be some very expensive flops in 2015, needless flops that could have otherwise made millions. Shame, but since when did Hollywood think first? They get the box office return they deserve, really.

CaleGiles -> Bloody Hell... (13/11/2013 12:14:16 PM)

That's too mind boggling for words. Especially considering that my local cinema at the moment charges £10.30 (!) and it will only go up by 2015. They'll all be enormous inevitably, but I wonder how many people will just say 'I'll wait for the DVD'.

sirvolkar -> Most impressive. (13/11/2013 12:35:30 PM)

Thank the gods for Unlimited cards! *plug plug* :) Even if some of these turn out to be duds (looking at you Man of Steel 2 and Star Wars, you both got a lot to work on) , should be a big year for the big companies.

Theghostfrommars -> The summer it all ends! (13/11/2013 3:14:01 PM)

To many blockbusters crammed in this 2015 season, only so many dollars available. Huge budget movies will implode, more than just one or two , and finally budgets will be brought under control. John carter and Battleship were never less than entertaining, but they failed to find a market because studios spent huge amounts on there production, yet had no idea of how to market them to earn back the investment. Riddick did not earn mega dollars, but for its cost it will make a tidy profit. After earth should have cost 45 million and would have been a money maker, Olympus has fallen, lower budget, entertaining and turned a profit. Keep the budgets under control, for every Ironman 3, we have several John Carters.

launcelot -> Wow (13/11/2013 10:57:05 PM)

2015 is going to be the most fun year for films ever.

Silvio Mugabe -> Overkill! Attack of the Grinch! (14/11/2013 10:26:51 AM)

While this looks fantastic on paper it also appears to be a serious case of overkill. The last time we had a year like this there was only 2 or 3 winners and the rest were losers! Also the integrity of a film comes into question - some are just pumped out for financial gain and lack of quality control. There is alo this little thing called the recession - nobody is going to afford to see all of these films.

MDG_78 -> RE: Overkill! Attack of the Grinch! (21/11/2013 4:42:15 PM)

Don't have to see them all - some people might not want to see Star Wars but would like to see Avengers, others less interested in Marvel but want to see Supes vs Bats, there will be others that avoid the major blockbusters like those but see more mid-range/budget films.

There's always DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming for those you don't see at the cinema anyway - I think quite a few will be moved anyway, I mean World of Warcraft to open the same day as Star Wars?! Yeah right!

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