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Empire Admin -> Justin Lin Handed The Keys To The Bourne Franchise (10/11/2013 6:45:39 PM)

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nybras -> Oh gawd no! (10/11/2013 6:45:39 PM)

No more, please.

Workshed -> The Bourne films... (10/11/2013 8:55:31 PM)

... started with The Bourne Identity and ended with The Bourne Ultimatum, a great Trilogy.
They need to change the name of this to reflect Renner's character

Cool Breeze -> The Bourne Redundancy.. (11/11/2013 12:59:20 AM)

Matt Damon is Jason Bourne.We want Matt Damon!

jazzyjules63 -> (11/11/2013 10:11:07 AM)

Renner back for Bourne: Yawn
Justin Lin to direct: ZZZZZZZZ
Bad to worse...

d0m_l -> No more Tony Gilroy... (11/11/2013 12:40:17 PM)

... no more Bourne. He was the last half-decent link to the original three wasn't he? The fourth was a complete non-event. Universal should be looking to put more money into interesting projects like Caption Phillips instead of trying to flog a dead (or certainly dying) horse. I can't understand all the projects that Justin Lin keeps being offered either. He's just another Brett Ratner!

chris wootton -> (11/11/2013 12:46:35 PM)

I quite enjoyed Legacy.. Thought it got a pretty unfair drubbing from across the board.

mightybeansprout -> (12/11/2013 5:12:50 AM)

This can't be good, I can't see how this can go anywhere but further downhill, as was previously stated, Gilroy was the only link to the original 3 and even Legacy looked wildly substandard when put up against the original trilogy. It just won't be a Bourne movie, he doesn't have the eye for the gritty realisim and understated violence that agree grass pulled off so well. Watch for shiny loud OTT car chases and in your face dumb action, no thanks.

Nicky C -> Does this mean the Rock's coming too? (12/11/2013 10:34:13 AM)

Lin and Johnson are both 'franchise viagra' right now, so maybe we'll see Johnson chasing Renner? Think they should until 2016 though. 2015 is already over.

erikthev -> Try reading the goddamn books!! (16/11/2013 12:59:35 AM)

they have matured, changed, developed, especially since Lustbader took over, and not by any means lost any of the power and style of the first books! Too many people need to forget about Richard Chamberlain, and give the new stars a chance!!

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