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Empire Admin -> New RoboCop Trailer Lands (7/11/2013 3:59:27 PM)

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GrizBe -> RE: Am confused... (7/11/2013 11:55:45 PM)

The silver suit at the end looks identical to 'training'/ post resurrection one. The theatrical trailer gives a better look at that scene.. soo, unless theirs some plot point to him reverting to the silver armor, pretty sure the final suit is the black armor.

Was worried about them remaking Robocop, but these trailers are making it look better and better.

GrizBe -> RE: (8/11/2013 12:01:48 PM)

The cinema trailer did have a scene where his wife asked him to go see their son after he'd been cyborged... so i'd not worry too much about the humanity angle.

SpiderHero -> RE: (9/11/2013 2:31:53 PM)

It looks good in its own right, but the morality and satire seems to be lacking. Ironically the humanity.

Robocop endures because in many ways it is a tragic story. He gets vengence in the end but cannot go home again. Ever. He will never have the things a human has.

Whether this will be part of the new film judging by the carnage and 3d crap here remains to be seen. Remember the new Total Recall? That was much in the same vein. That is NOT a good thing.

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