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Empire Admin -> 5 Questions A New Wolverine Movie Has To Answer (6/11/2013 3:42:57 PM)

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davidtharwood.com -> They should do "The Death of Wolverine" (6/11/2013 3:42:57 PM)

I realize that sounds like I'm having a go, but I'm not. It could be an epic tragedy, yet also a bittersweet release for Logan, and an emotional farewell to the character for Jackman.

GrizBe -> Omega Red or X-23... (6/11/2013 4:09:58 PM)

While my personal preference is for something with X-23, given the time periods they could play with, and what we've seen, I think both of these could work. Omega Red would fit with the cold war period and Russia attempt at creating a supersoldier and Adamantium... Problem being the massive ammounts of CGI you'd need for a good Omega Red.

X-23 however could be a good story to wrap up Wolverine with... The backdrop of the Weapon X program trying to create more Wolverines and Logan himself having to deal with the fact she's technically his daughter and so on... And it would be a good point to pass the torch to a younger Wolverine type character if they do anymore X-men movies.

If DOFP over rights last Stand etc though with a changed future, they've got pretty much a clean slate for what they could do with Wolverine.

darth Mango -> Old man Logan (6/11/2013 9:51:22 PM)

If Jackman wants to step away from the role with style they should do Old Man Logan

Gazzabrook -> Mr Sinister, Mr Sinister, Mr Sinister !!! (7/11/2013 12:34:18 PM)

Mr Sinister could fix Logan and would be epic villain

Irons -> (7/11/2013 2:02:31 PM)

Stallone as Romulus...

jontysidgwick -> there can be only one (7/11/2013 9:01:59 PM)

is it just me, or are they really missing a trick with this character?
Why not adopt the nice idea from highlander of the world changing around him -people growing old and dying, visiting graves, flashbacks to different time periods, Best thing is, he has no memory, so could be used fantastically -a genuinely unique opportunity which you could only do with Wolverine.
Give the film some nice character moments, really flesh out the backstory.
essentially, they should rectify the Sabertooth thing once and for all. and wouldn't it be nice to have some actual cameos from an active X-Team. Cyclops anyone?
Get Mr sinister In, have his backstory that he's been tracking Logan for years/manipulating his life. Logan can't remember who this guy is, or why's he'd doing what he's doing, so has to figure it out (flashbacks etc).
Turns out he deserves it all?
One of the best things about Total Recall was the idea that the original version of Quaid was evil, but since his memory was wiped, he's now a good guy.
That'll be £100,000, please.

J_BUltimatum -> Don't do it... (8/11/2013 8:13:47 AM)

Origins was awful. I think everyone can agree with that, and The Woverine wasn't much better. By far the best "Wolverine" movie was the first X-Men. I think they try and make the character too complex and emotional. I liked the Wolverine in the first two X-Men movies just because he was badass and they didn't delve to deep into the character.

airbornekiwi -> premise and the REAL big q (8/11/2013 1:44:53 PM)

I think its ripe for a 80's Cold War era film, may even full on spy/thriller. set originally during the 70's/80's, spanning a decade, and featuring Omega Red. Could start with him discovering a friend is a double agent (Morph?) in America, who has been betraying secrets about America to the USSR in relation to their super soldier programme. Of course what appears to be a massive betrayal is fleshed out when Wolvie discovers that Morph was being black mailed into doing so, or leads wolvie to believe so before he dies. could even pick up on the events of First Class, and Morphs death occuring as a result of the Hellfire Club disbanding due to the events in First Class. Following investigations into the level that the Hellfire Club was manipulating the Cold War, the KGB ensures that all agents/double agents associated with them, such as Morph, are gotten rid of.

after searching into the cause of this for a decade or so, he encounters too many loose ends till he sends himself on a mission to get into Russia to investigate what happened. Maverick/Gambit could easily feature in supporting role, getting him there, as could Nightcrawler smuggling him from West Germany through to East. Of course Wolvie wins, Omega Red dies and super solider programme is disbanded/Russian Government later falls. Wolvie decides to return back to Canada to eek out a living having seen the worst of both worlds.

The big question?

Who directs it. Writes it. Produces it. Everything it. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and Tomas Alfredson have certainly done well with Cold War era spy films though.

These past Wolverine movies have all seemingly started with an ethusiastic Hugh Jackman swearing they have the right director for the job, the right script and he is ready to channel Wolverine as he is meant to be told. Can't fault Jackman's performance of him though. But we all know the results, I think the character is just crying out for a great creative team behind it.

pillard81 -> Just do a wolverine film that people want to see...? (8/11/2013 11:51:49 PM)

I Agree with J_B, X Men1 was by far the best Wolverine seen. Remember his 1st scene in the cage looking mean and angry which is essentially his characters trademark mood, giving it to the thugs in the bar & Cyclops with his sharp tongue and I don't give a fuck attitude. Even in his cameo in X First class, with Xavier and Magneto he was far more interesting in those 30 seconds then in either Origins or The Wolverine. I'd just be happy with a film that didn't have such a progressively soft or dare I say it poncey Wolverine. After DOFP why not flip him and go darker...? I'm thinking The Crow crossed with Dark night, possibly in the vein of Sin City... He's Marvels darkest character so show it, fuck the kids they can watch it when they're old enough!!! There's untold story lines in his past they could follow too,, Madripoor, sort that shit deadpool out, do a much much much better story where he meets up with Gambit again, follow up with Sabretooth, & like Airborne suggests an 80's Cold war Omega red battle would be awesome!!! But after seeing what they did to Silver Samurai I've got more hope of seeing a squirrel with an adamantium dick than I have of a studio actually releasing a decent, dark, violent, Wolverine film. That's just me tho...

jacksonvegaiii -> Schrieber/Jackman century spanning war on (9/11/2013 2:33:24 PM)

Wolverines finest moments were those at the beginning of origins in which logan and his brother slash their way thru the the american civil war (i think) the world wars and vietnam, dont get me wrong Origins got really terrible real quick following those brief opening scenes however seeing wolverine and sabretooth slash, snap and poke their way through americas bloody recent history could be amazing ending with sabretooth going all savage jungle god/ colonel Kurtz, ending with f' up vietnam vet logan a heavy drinkin, homeless, hopeless case. Sabretooth n wolverine takin buck shot and fighting cavalary men, the boys gettin into some neat trench warfare, then storming the beaches of omaha tear assing their way through mainland france and japan finally going ape shit in the jungles of the viet cong, logan finding his humanity as sabretooth slips deeper and deeper into the blood drunk psychopath we all know and love. C'mon Hans boobie! Encounterin other world war era heroes would be an added bonus Capt America (never gonna happen but hey neithers this film), The Red Gaurdian, Union Jack..... Could be amazing

mafortmc -> agree with pillard (10/11/2013 3:50:01 AM)

wolverine isnt a nice guy. he is a tortured, abused, highly trained raging killing machine that cant be stopped. people should be terrified of him. he is a supersoldier, berserker, samurai and excellemt strategist. man, the guy even picked fights with the hulk and eventually killed him. he killed a whole city of warriors. he is raw with emotion that need calming with constant violence and alcohol. every fight is to inflict as much possible pain on the other person but also on himself. he hates himself. he is looking to die. but unfortunatly he is the best at what he does
only later by caring for others did he change. and mostly for kitty.
think Man on Fire, 300. everyone except a few should be wary of him knowing that he cant help but think of ways of killing them, if its by cutting them into small pieces or flying a sentinel into them. man, the guy even killed the hulk.

Jonda Fett -> option 2 (12/11/2013 9:10:11 AM)

In option 2 above he would also have adamantium-free claws... Can't see them doing that. Unless he got them covered in adamatium again only to lose them again but that is just careless on his part & ridiculous story telling to boot.

NicholiB -> RE: option 2 (20/11/2013 1:23:54 PM)

The one question I want answered is after one awful, and one mediocre version is why make a third?

A large Cash Cow as the main villain perhaps?

Seriously, enough with this version of Wolverine give him a rest after DOFP and then reboot down the line.

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