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Empire Admin -> Gerard Butler Says London Has Fallen (29/10/2013 7:47:40 PM)

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Artoo -> RE: "Snuff politics. You've gotta laugh." (30/10/2013 9:30:05 AM)

I have watched both Olympus has Fallen and White House Down and although they're both mindless American, cigar chomping, flag waving piles of crap - Olympus has Fallen is far, FAR worse!!

Forgetting any politics for a moment and looking at both as just bits of mindless fun, Olympus has Fallen takes itself, way too seriously! The bit where the secretary of state gets her head punched in an attempt by the "terrorists" to get the missile launch codes is one of the most cringe inducing scenes I have ever seen. Not because a woman is getting beaten up (although it is quite a brutal scene) but because of the part where she is getting dragged along the floor by her hair whilst spouting the whole "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG...." drivvel. It's just awful and made me turn my head away from the screen as I might do whilst watching a horror movie! The acting is terrible, Gerard Butler just cant do an American accent and Aaron Eckhart has a silly chin. Do we need a sequel at all (regardless of where it's set)? No we fucking dont!

White House Down on the other hand is actually quite enjoyable. Channing Tatum is much more likeable than Butler, as is Jamie Foxx than Aaron Eckhart. Problem is Jamie Foxx just isn't a convincing president, I mean when you hear him say "I aint doin that shit mutherfucker!" he just loses the small amount of credibility he had to begin with. It does have some great action scenes however and is a lot more tongue in cheek than Olympus has fallen so in my mind was by far the more enjoyable film and the one they should make a sequel too if they absolutely have to.

Also, Jamie Foxx - The President, pulls a rocket launcher at one point and blows up the gates to the White House. It's worth watching for that scene alone!

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