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Empire Admin -> The 20 Greatest X-Files Episodes (18/10/2013 1:49:14 PM)

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Arfpint -> One Breath (number 15) (18/10/2013 1:49:14 PM)

This was my favourite. I still remember one of the best quotes from the series, from when Scully finally wakes up from her coma:
Mulder: "Bought you a present. Superstars of the Superbowl".
Scully: "I knew there was a reason to live."

Cherubin28 -> (18/10/2013 1:55:13 PM)

It's "Die Wahrheit ist Irgendwo da draußen", not "drauben" :)

Scruffybobby -> Dreamland? (18/10/2013 2:13:42 PM)

Some good choices there. A few of my favourites included by definitely think you missed a trick by not including the "Dreamland" 2 parter from season 6 - Michael McKean is excellent and hilarious in it and "Monday" from the same season.

Psycho Savager -> You missed out by far the best episode! (18/10/2013 2:13:47 PM)

Jose Chung's From Outer Space! Every X-Files fan I've spoken to say this is their favourite episode!

paterk2 -> You've missed the best! (18/10/2013 2:22:28 PM)

One of the best episodes ever was Anasazi. The Field Where I Died was also amazing!

TPM007 -> X-Cops (18/10/2013 2:39:28 PM)

That episode was the one that introduced me to The X Files... great episode! -> Death by autoerotic asphyxiation (18/10/2013 3:25:03 PM)

Just as Clyde Bruckman foresaw, this is indeed how Mulder died (or at least David Duchovny in Steven Soderbergh's 'Full Frontal').

Hugh_Fran -> Nostalgia (18/10/2013 7:42:15 PM)

I've got all of the box sets and this feature has made up my mind to go back and rewatch them all!

tysmuse -> Yes, Bad Blood! (18/10/2013 9:07:22 PM)

I have watched that episode more than any episode of anything ever! Countless funny moments. Mulder singing Shaft. Luke Wilson's teeth. Mulder kicked the trash can. Absolute classic.
The Lake Placid-esque episode was also a terrific stand alone one.
But by and large, I can't argue with this list.

angelzbabe -> Almost hits the mark. (19/10/2013 1:08:42 AM)

The titles on this list pretty much equal my own. However, I could leave Die Hand Die Verletz and put either Arcadia, The Field Where I died, 4D, or Quagmire, all excellent episodes. I recently finished rewatching all 9 seasons and have found it far more enjoyable now than 20 years ago. Still my all time favourite tv show. I hope we can get movie No. 3 rolling, although the script would need to be far better than the 2008 film 'I Want To Believe'.

GomJabber11 -> (19/10/2013 4:11:08 PM)

Good list all around. Would have liked to have seen "Humbug" somewhere though. That's easily my favorite episode.

johugrix -> This list is an X File (19/10/2013 9:58:32 PM)

Honestly, the most bizarre XF list I've ever seen. The whole list is null and void through its omission of 'Pusher' which is a firm fan favourite and showcases everything wonderful about the show; the talent and chemistry of the main actors, the story writing, the guest stars, the cinematography...
Having said that, it is fantastic to see this show being honoured and hopefully glossing over the damage caused by IWTB.

mulscul -> Some favorites missing (21/10/2013 4:25:22 PM)

It's an ok list for including Bad Blood, Small Potatoes, Clyde Bruckman, Piper Maru, and Duane Barry but where is Paper Hearts, Redux II, Monday, Field Trip and Tunguska?

MattBecker -> my list (21/10/2013 11:37:38 PM)

In dire need of an update especially because my list only covers season 1-5

Season 1
Deep Throat
Fallen Angel
Darkness Falls
The Erlenmeyer Flask

Season 2
Little Green Men
The Host
Duane Barry
Død Kalm

Season 3
The Blessing Way
Paper Clip
War of the Coprophages
Piper Maru
Jose Chung's From Outer Space
Talitha Cumi

Season 4
Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man
Paper Hearts
Tempus Fugit

Season 5
Redux II
Unusual Suspects
The Post-Modern Prometheus
Kill Switch
Bad Blood
The Pine Bluff Variant
Folie a Deux
The End

annie__hall -> X files fanatic! (23/10/2013 12:28:00 PM)

Most of my faves are in there, with the exception of Oubliette, Syzygy and Quagmire - 3 I watch over and over.

Thanks for the celebration feature Empire - love it!

Evil_Bob -> (23/10/2013 1:22:08 PM)

I fully expected to read this list and instantly want to come in and start ranting and raving about what was left out but its so bang on the money that I really don't have much to complain about.

I would bemoan the lack of Humbug and Jose Chungs from Outer Space. The latter in particular. You may have already had a decent amount of Darin Morgan entries but these two were pure gold.

Grimm -> X-CEPT (25/10/2013 1:10:01 PM)

The funniest episode was, by far, Hollywood AD. The moment when Gary Shandling's Mulder says "Oh, I love you Scully!" to Duchovny's wife, is hysterical and super-meta!
Also includes the first-ever TV use of the word "Bazinga"!

xpai -> Jose Chung, foos! (7/11/2013 6:50:18 PM)

I hate to be one of those people commenting on what's missing ... but ... Jose Chung's From Outer Space is the greatest ep in the history of man. It's so intricate, you have to watch it more than once to get all the subtleties. But on face value, it's hysterical. Amazing performance from Charles Nelson Reilly. Worth it for Mulder's yep alone. But this is Darin Morgan's tour de force. It turns everything on its ear and an ep from which the seeds of great other eps like Bad Blood were sown.

bocfahey -> (19/1/2015 10:37:11 PM)

Chuffed to see Bad Blood on this list. Best thing about that episode is the way Mulder and Scully view each other; perceptions that are given to sarcy banter in Syzygy (Season 3 and featuring a very young Ryan Reynolds). Too many great episodes to choose from but, like my partner, i prefer the episodes that have more of an element of fear and intrigue than the alien/conspiracy episodes.

Litshttam -> Really?! (20/1/2015 1:18:46 AM)

No 'Tooms'?! Sure, you gave its prequel 'Squeeze' top-spot (and rightly so), but its Eugene's second outing in which he gloriously dislocates - then elongates - an arm in an attempt to escape incarceration, licks his fingers during his pest-control community service, and reveals to us that he likes art *eyes turn yellow, murders his own shrink*. Simply superb.

*EDIT* Oh yes, is the eponymous 'Piper Maru' the same Piper Maru seen in another Fox property; (the actually bloody good) 'AVP: Alien Vs Predator'? Is the black goo the same black goo seen in 'Prometheus'...?

Andybee76 -> Hard to make a complete list of faves (20/1/2015 1:26:28 PM)

But a good choice!

By the way, the competition does not work. Has a closing date of November 2013! WTF Empire!

cousinwalter -> No Bruce Campbell (22/1/2015 2:33:06 PM)


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