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Empire Admin -> Dwayne Johnson Off To San Andreas (15/10/2013 10:26:25 AM)

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TPM007 -> Sounds Familiar.... (15/10/2013 10:26:25 AM)

Sounds like they're using the title to their advantage... but bet you there'll be a lot of angry videogame game fans expecting a load of gangstas, drugs and mindless violence, only to discover it's a journey about a mans journey to reach his daughter...

Kipnipz -> RE: Sounds Familiar.... (15/10/2013 10:50:52 PM)

I thought this was just a witty, topical and eye catchy headline from the Empire staff but no, they're actually calling the movie that...

cliff126 -> (18/10/2013 11:09:15 AM)

An earthquake film in 3D? Clearly they'll forget about the drama of the situation and just add boring FX with the city getting ripped up. Fuck this.

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