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Empire Admin -> New Ender's Game Poster Online (25/9/2013 3:46:07 PM)

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HulkySmashSmash -> PLEASE (25/9/2013 3:46:07 PM)

I really want this to be good. It looks like a 3 star affair, though.

Martypants -> Lacking in imagination (25/9/2013 4:36:05 PM)

What a terrible hack poster. The teaser poster was much better than this run of the mill, by the numbers rubbish. There is NOTHING memorable about this poster and it says a lot about what the films producers consider to be quality work. Graphic artists and poster designers across the country will be crying into their tea when they see this... Awful.

Oroborous -> (25/9/2013 10:04:59 PM)

This actually has a certain generic, underwhelming mundanity to it that makes the film seem neither appealing nor particularly offensive. If it elicited any more excitement in me I would likely dose off into a state of genuine sleep.

CaleGiles -> I'm sure it'll be fine and watchable... (26/9/2013 9:08:10 AM)

But everything about this makes me want to go and play Mass Effect.

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