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Empire Admin -> Emmerich: Independence Day Sequel May Not Be Trilogy (17/9/2013 6:46:45 PM)

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dinabr -> (19/9/2013 4:00:29 PM)

I want to see Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett in ant project :)

spacerboy -> Foundation can be adapted for the big screen! (20/9/2013 2:56:09 PM)

I still think it's possible to do a movie series adaptation, and this is how I would do it: Instead of trying to cover one entire book (or worse still the entire original trilogy) in one film, they should concentrate on the short stories of which each book is comprised. I would make four or five films. The first would be a action thriller based on “Prelude to the foundation” where Seldon is being hunted troughout Trantor and eventually discovers psycho-history. That movie would end with the opening prologue in the first (original) Foundation book (only the part which is on Trantor.

The second movie would have a short prologue on the creation of the Foundation on Terminus, and the eventual Imperial loss of the outer systems. Then the movie would concentrate on the short story of the Anacreon crisis. In fact this would be the entitled: “Asimov’s Foundation – The Anacreon Crisis”. I know the story only has a little action at the end, but it could easily be transformed adding more action.

The third movie would concentrate on the next transferable short story in the books…and so on.

The only character which will be in all the movies would be Seldon (and perhaps the Guardian robot), all other characters should not be in more than one movie.

The movies themes can shift depending on the story. The Bel Riose story could be a war movie. The mutant story could be a psychological thriller. If only the art direction, music and cinematography is consistent, the different styles would keep the movie series fresh.

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