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Empire Admin -> First RoboCop Reboot Poster Online (13/9/2013 10:46:27 AM)

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NCC1701A -> RE: RoboCrock (13/9/2013 12:19:32 PM)

I found the trailer to be better then I expected. You know a remake can not hurt the original if it's rubbish you still have the original but if it's good you have another movie. And you do know that it's films like this that get lower budget films made. Really hope that people who have slagged this film off evenbefore seeing it really end up likeing it so they can eat humble pie.

raz0r -> RE: RoboCrock (13/9/2013 12:30:00 PM)

I dont think its that bad, I actually was expecting somehting really awful. The costume doesnt look right though to me, should be more metal somehow. Like the original one

Wild about Wilder -> RE: king (14/9/2013 9:30:58 AM)

Looks a wee bit like a futuristic Gimp! [;)]

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