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Empire Admin -> Jurassic World Roars In For 2015 (11/9/2013 5:04:08 AM)

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RyanShanks -> (13/9/2013 2:47:37 PM)

A completed park has such potential for proper havoc. I hope it doesn't just end up as Jaws 3 with dinosaurs though. It has to be based on the safari elements. A prehistoric apocalypse sounds like crap.

el_monty -> Feathers? (13/9/2013 2:56:30 PM)

I was going to say that I wondered if this fourth film would acknowledge the fact that in recent years it has been established that most bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs (including the T. Rex) were covered in feathers, but I just realised, it doesn't need to. Dr Alan Grant has repeatedly stated in previous films (particularly the third) that the Jurassic Park beasts are not actual dinosaurs but genetic constructs, which I admit is a rather neat way to cover for disconnects with new scientific discoveries.

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