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Empire Admin -> Dakota Johnson Will Be Anastasia Steele In Fifty Shades Of Grey (2/9/2013 5:17:48 PM)

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DaniiKirk -> (2/9/2013 5:17:48 PM)

Not who I expected or would have imagined at all. Oh well, if its what the director thinks works then hopefully they do well.

BelfastBoy -> RE: (2/9/2013 5:36:52 PM)

I think it's more a case of who turned it down as it's a big risk for Dakota Johnson in particular. It'll go one of two ways for her - Sharon Stone, or Elizabeth Berkley. I certainly haven't seen either her or Charlie Hunnam linked to the film until today, and would be very surprised if he's anyone's idea of Christian Grey. However, we shall see...

Weirdly, given 50 Shades's origins as Twilight fan fiction, Charlie Hunnam is appropriate in a tenuous way. Way before the Twilight films were cast, Stephenie Meyer posted her own suggestions on her website. While it's well known that Henry Cavill was her perfect Edward, how many people know that she wanted Charlie Hunnam for Carlisle?


LSJShez -> (2/9/2013 7:01:42 PM)

The looks of him in this photo, I'd make a better Christian Grey.

NeoBrowser -> (3/9/2013 3:50:22 AM)

Can you say "low budget"? Yes you can!

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