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Empire Admin -> Dinobots Confirmed For Transformers 4 (2/9/2013 5:00:00 PM)

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sleepwalker -> (2/9/2013 5:00:00 PM)

It doesn't matter, none of them will be given any time on screen to give their characters any impact, out of the past 3 films only Optimus and Bumblebee have been given that honor. Given the last films focus on 3D you would think that Micheal Bay would give characters more than 1 dimension.

spacemonkey187 -> (2/9/2013 5:01:11 PM)

Awesome, love Grimlock. This should be pretty much impossible to screw up...

freemantle_uk -> (2/9/2013 6:11:03 PM)

I thought this was announced months ago.

Oroborous -> (2/9/2013 7:51:39 PM)

Wow, there are "Chinese vehicles" in this one? Count me in.

UTB -> RE: (2/9/2013 10:05:04 PM)

I have no problem suspending belief for dinobots but Wahlberg as an inventor? BUWAHAHAHA

Scott_ -> RE: RE: (2/9/2013 11:12:43 PM)

Amazing. This film will be awesome, Marky Mark, Michael Bay and Dinobots. Colour me moist!

AJJCrook -> Er, hang on... (6/9/2013 12:54:24 PM)

I understand the point and concept behind a toy robot that turn into a big metal dinosaur but how does that within the logic of a movie? Surely the point about the transformers is that they can disguise themselves as cars n stuff. So Marky Mark is going to be walking down the street and be all, "oh look at that totally normal, not suspicious looking at all, big metal dinosaur."
Oh wait, what am i thinking...logic of a movie? I forgot it's Michael Bay.

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