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Empire Admin -> The Most Dangerous Pub Crawl In Cinema (23/8/2013 12:22:20 PM)

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beardyphysics -> Wild Bill? (30/8/2013 4:01:36 PM)

Can't remember the name of the pub in this but the fight at the end was fantastic!

pablo233 -> Slaughtered lamb (1/9/2013 3:52:37 PM)

As long as this one was included I'm happy, could have possibly added a pub in lock stock and two smoking barrels.

Tres Styles -> No Karova Milk Bar??? (3/9/2013 1:38:04 PM)

Seriously guys and girls!?!? Where's the Karova Milk Bar, from Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange"? It's probably the most obvious oversight you've ever made.

jloshea -> The Ninth Configuration Bar-Room Brawl Scene (11/9/2013 10:27:01 AM)

Just a small clip, but this is one of the tenses bar scene I've ever seen

Gator MacReady -> No Seagal! (13/9/2013 11:20:14 PM)

Vinnie's Joint in Out for Justice should be on this list.

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