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Empire Admin -> Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be Crowned King Harald (7/8/2013 6:41:56 AM)

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Suttisan -> (7/8/2013 6:41:56 AM)

Didn't he say he was taking a break from acting.

Einherjar -> The true decendent of King Harald Hardrada Sigurdsson (8/8/2013 12:21:32 PM)

Getting ready to take part in playing the role for an audience as the King of Norway, King Harald Hardrada Sigurdsson, that took place in England in the year 1066. Standfordbridge. I am a direct decedent of him and many other Kings from that time period. From Iceland, where I live, we Icelanders can trace our linage back to the beginning when the Vikings first came and settled back in the year 874AD. And some of us, can trace even further back like me, to the year 632AD a King also called Harald, but from Denmark. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/features/history/articles/10233372.Descendant_of_Viking_king_Harald_Hardrada_comes_to_York/?ref=mmsp

davishwulf -> (25/7/2014 5:03:23 PM)

Hope he grows a proper beard and changes his irritating accent for this movie.

To see a Viking with Leo's usal accent would be VERY distracting to say the least.

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