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Empire Admin -> Another Riddick Trailer Rules The Dark (5/8/2013 3:46:02 PM)

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mancalledpete -> Ahhh brilliant... (5/8/2013 3:46:02 PM)

...another hollywood trailer where they absolutely have to show you EVERYTHING in an attempt to entice you into the cinema to watch it... which inevitably means only 1 thing - It's going to be so sh*t that they've needed to really over-egg the trailer with all the good bits.

Straight to DVD movie.

Alien Hunter -> Looks a little too familiar... (5/8/2013 6:48:17 PM)

While I am looking forward to this and it does look really good, its almost exactly like Pitch Black. The sories mirror each other, I hope I'm wrong and get something a bit more original. I mean, crap as it is, Chronicles of Riddick was at least original.

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