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Empire Admin -> Latest X-Men: Days Of Future Past Viral Vid (30/7/2013 10:19:30 PM)

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SiD300 -> (30/7/2013 10:19:31 PM)

i hope that sentinel is taller than it looks like

Guinevere -> RE: (31/7/2013 12:16:02 AM)

According to the Mark I sentinels are 18ft. There are more pics on there of them looking pretty big.

guysalisbury -> If........... (31/7/2013 11:06:59 AM)

................ Trask industries are so against Mutants, why have they got one doing their voiceover?

waltham1979 -> Hooooo!! (31/7/2013 12:34:51 PM)

Normally I am not a massive fan of viral sites as I start to lose interest very quickly...BUT I love this!! Havent been that excited for Days of Future Past so far (or DOFP which I had taken to calling it as it sounds similar to noise I make when I am sat having a poop) BUT colour me giddy after this!! *crosses arm to make an X in proper geek fashion*

HailTheDude -> RE: Hooooo!! (31/7/2013 12:50:17 PM)

Like this.
Looking forward to the film but it could be a big mess. Hope not

spideed2 -> Cool viral stuff (31/7/2013 1:03:18 PM)

The size doesnt bother me, after all its more in line with the Ultimates ones and 80 feet robots cannot be the most effective weapon.

phil81 -> Greatest viral site ever? (31/7/2013 1:38:44 PM)

Everything about this site is exquisite. From the worrying presesnce of a sentinal behind the president through to those fantastic drawings of the mutant powers, it's an absolute triumph of film promotion. I was excited before but this has tipped me over the edge!

AquaDragon2K -> X-Men DOFP (2/8/2013 2:34:37 PM)

That viral is brilliant. That is all!

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