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Empire Admin -> EA Takes Control Of Dead Space Movie (19/7/2013 1:58:24 PM)

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ash333 -> (19/7/2013 1:58:24 PM)

This could be great. I've been looking forward to a movie being made for a long time.. They just need to be careful with the relationship between the Marker and the Xenamorphs as that has a quite flimsy yet confusing explanation if I recall and will of course be an important aspect of the script.. They say they don't want to make an Alien or Event Horizon but deep space claustrophobia really is the crux of the story. Focusing on the religion of Unitology could be the way to go. I say go highly tense and insanely violent with a under-riding anti-organised religion theme. Sharlto Copley could be brilliant for the part of Issac, and for Gods sake don't chase a 12A certificate.

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