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Empire Admin -> First Look At Robocop's ED-209 (18/7/2013 1:24:38 PM)

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sowasred2012 -> Is that Murphy in the third pic? (18/7/2013 1:24:38 PM)

Dude looks like a Cylon now...

Nicky C -> August 2014?! (18/7/2013 1:37:18 PM)

Has it been pushed back again? Last I heard it was out next spring, not next summer. Principal photography began a year ago ... can't possibly take 2 years to finish unless something has gone very wrong.

R P Howard -> Oh dear... (18/7/2013 1:41:22 PM)

The Robocop suit looks awful. Twenty five years later and that's the best take on it they can come up with! It makes you realise how talented Rob Bottin is, the original suit still looks really good today.

llopezcuervo -> ... (18/7/2013 1:53:26 PM)

this helps me realize how GOOD the old robocop look is. This model doesn't even look like it could fit a person inside

adzman -> (18/7/2013 2:01:05 PM)

Looks like a cheap toy.

fac51thehacienda -> (18/7/2013 2:42:43 PM)

thats not Robocop. It's one of Omicorps products.

fac51thehacienda -> (18/7/2013 2:48:56 PM)

thats not Robocop. It's one of Omicorps products.

Dannybohy -> (18/7/2013 3:51:49 PM)

The droid looks complete shit! but then it actually looks better than the Black Robocop we have seen and have coming! which doesn't say much for the total shit that is the Black Robocop!. This whole movie should be burned before it can be released!.

gingerchris -> This is not that far off reality! (18/7/2013 4:49:46 PM)

The scary thing about that preview of Robocop is that it's not actually that far off reality!

There are companies out there now, such as Boston Dynamics, currently well into development on remote control and even fully autonomous robots. Years down the line, these robots have the potential to unleash horrendous consequences in the name of a distant and completely detached human population. Keep in mind also that the Vietnam war only came to an end because Americans became tired of seeing body bags come home.

These things need regulating and decommissioning in the same way that Nuclear weapons are controlled. It's another case of humanity becoming too clever for it's own good! If this film serves as some kind of warning, then it has done it's job. Let's just hope it's a little more then gore and mindless violence.

orlyboo -> No Robocop-out for me (18/7/2013 7:14:39 PM)

Am I the only one who thinks the new suit looks good?
Looking forward to this, new ED looks badass and loved the original but aways a fan of seeing modern takes on our favorite 80s classics.
When's it out?

IainPurdie -> Missles? (19/7/2013 10:20:14 PM)

You'd think a company spending this much on a promotional video for advanced military robotics could afford a spell-checker (00:22)

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