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Empire Admin -> Trailer For Japanese Unforgiven Online (15/7/2013 8:54:59 AM)

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CHRISMOORE1 -> (15/7/2013 8:54:59 AM)

"The Japanese title is Yurusarezaru Mono, which Google is singularly failing to translate for us. Anyone?"

It translates loosely as... Unforgiven.

Gouken -> Closest I got is... (15/7/2013 9:37:24 AM)

My trusty, Webster's New World Compact JAPANESE Dictionary has this much to say:
"Mono" > Person, One, People
"Forgive" > Yurusu

Gouken -> and more... (15/7/2013 10:02:17 AM)

At the start someone refers to him as "Hitokiri Jube-da" or something like that. Hitokiri, means "Manslayer" and "Ju" means Gun... And that's all my limited Japanese can help with.
On the other hand: HADOKEN, means "Wave Motion Fist" and SHORYUKEN "Rising Dragon Punch" and GOUKEN means "Strong Fist" and that's how Street Fighter improved my language skills

LSJShez -> (15/7/2013 12:17:16 PM)

Gonna sound like a hypocrite, but I'm intrigued. At least they did wait longer than 5 minutes, before having a go.

Miikesmama -> Looks great (15/7/2013 3:46:38 PM)

Love me some Watanabe, his hair-piece looks convincing, the sets look like they re-used the sets from Inception and the Batman Begins, has definitely a Wally Pfister-school-of-photography vibe to it, and hey, there Takeshi Miike-regulars involved! Yay!

yamikuro -> Looks like a great translation (15/7/2013 4:29:36 PM)

"Yurusarezaru Mono" is almost a direct translation from "Unforgiven."

As a Japanese, I am looking forward to seeing the film in theatre,
since it looks like they have made few changes in stories...

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