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Empire Admin -> 30 More Great Behind The Scenes Photos (27/6/2013 4:13:24 AM)

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kevtiggersmith -> 300 + 1? (27/6/2013 4:13:24 AM)

Time for another work experience bod to check some facts I think - Theron (Dominic West) didn't trot off to fight Xerxes! He stayed at home to lock "horns" with Cersei!

mytvisevil -> + more pedantry (American Werewolf) (27/6/2013 11:20:54 AM)

The statue at Piccadilly Circus is actually of Eros' brother, Anteros

kenrick -> Once Upon a Time in the West (2/7/2013 4:57:49 PM)

Mourn JFK in 1968! RFK surely?

kenrick -> Sabrina (2/7/2013 5:06:49 PM)

Bogart and Wilder 'eventually made up years later...' I doubt it - Bogart died in January 1957. I suppose it depends how you define 'years later'.

hi charlie -> (8/7/2013 2:51:28 PM)

American Werewolf wasn't a comedy it was a horror with elements of humour just like in real life

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