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Empire Admin -> Peter Jackson On The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey's Extended Edition (25/6/2013 5:02:48 PM)

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MarcusDes -> The long-winded edition? (25/6/2013 5:02:48 PM)

And there I was, thinking the theatrical version was waaaaayyyyy too long.... And hoping for a diminished edition...

darthmhall101 -> Bring it on (25/6/2013 5:24:04 PM)

I had concerns going in regarding the playing time of the Hobbit but I have to say I didn't think it was too long at all. Didn't buy the disc as I knew this was coming out, cant wait for this or the second part!!

Bluebloodedbastard -> Excellent. (25/6/2013 5:54:25 PM)

I for one love that this new trilogy is getting the attention to detail and expanded view into Tolkien's world. I love the book, but adding all this extra material not only gives it a broader context but also expands our glimpse into his amazing story. I for one cannot wait for the extended edition and the other installments. I held off buying the standard edition specifically because of that. Peter keep up the good work, and please ignore the impatient viewers. I say more is better in this case.

the_equalizer -> White Gems? (25/6/2013 5:59:30 PM)

I wonder if they're going to mention the Silmarils in this version then? Not that I recall Thranduil ever being part of those stories.

chrissmart -> Great news for the fans (25/6/2013 7:54:13 PM)

I chose not to buy the theatrical release and I'm really looking forward to the extended edition. The LOTR extended editions are the best DVDs ever released so I'm keen to the see the additional scenes included in the hobbit.

bruciebonus -> 12" remix? (25/6/2013 10:08:37 PM)

Any idea how much longer this is going to be? I thought the theatrical version was long enough

DanTDavies -> (26/6/2013 11:29:08 AM)

why didn't they mention this before I bought it when it came out a few months back. A$$holes :(

Okester -> Even longer edition - no thank you (26/6/2013 2:53:01 PM)

Totally agree with MarcusDes. Found the theatrical version bloated,overly long and self-indulgent. Took 45 mins for them to get out of Bilbo's house. If I wanted to see a load of people sitting round having dinner I'd watch "Come dine with me" on Channel 4!

kingtolkien -> No Thanks (27/6/2013 9:29:38 PM)

The expanded worl of Tolkien can be found in the books.
I don't care for the extended cut. I even found the extended cuts of The two Towers and Return of the King boring in a lot of parts.
I have read the Tolkien books 20 years ago and really adore them. But a film must have a good pace. Unfortunatelly Jackson has a problem with timing and pace in all his films. IMHO.

bb -> Has Peter Jackson Become A Victim Of His Success? (28/6/2013 7:58:59 PM)

Because if you look at the films he has directed after THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy, they haven't made the same impact with the critics and the audiences. KING KONG (2005) was an awful movie, it should have been called KONG'S GATE for being three hours of staggering, self-indulgent. THE LOVELY BONES (2009) had the potential to be a spiritual successor to HEAVENLY CREATURES, but instead ended up being his worst-reviewed film to date and the first HOBBIT film was underwhelming, I really do NOT understand why it won two awards at this year's Empire Film Awards (Yes, I'm still extremely angry of who won what, apart from SKYFALL). Have you readers being looking at Rotten Tomatoes, for example?!

lankeymarlon -> (1/7/2013 1:46:05 PM)

All you people crying about the length, get a grip.

You kind of people are the exact reason why studios feel the need to control length and content of films. A film should be the exact length a director wants it to be. For you's that aren't fans of an extended version, the theatrical release is already available. For those of you who are not a fan of The Hobbit, nobody is forcing you to buy it. So stop complaining.

I'll probably wait until all three films are released in an extended edition boxset, so that I can put it beside my extended edition LOTR trilogy.

Iampower123 -> AWESOME (28/7/2013 10:47:31 AM)

this is great, i love every little bit of lore we get to have from the extended editions, im glad that Peter Jackson isn't letting non hardcore fans influence his decision to continue making extended editions, his lord of the rings ones made the films feel complete and i appreciate his dedication

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