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Empire Admin -> Liam Neeson Making A Deal For Taken 3 (25/6/2013 7:39:08 AM)

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darktrain -> what?!? (25/6/2013 7:39:08 AM)

so now it'll be taken the piss? taken the kitchen sink but not daughter or mom because thats been done.taken the tekken computer game? taken for the last time as we're out of'll be shit anyways and take bucketloads of money just like fast and furious.

arnm78 -> Too late (25/6/2013 8:23:14 AM)

This series was lost when they didn't decide to call the second film Taken 2: The Cleaners

Mad Dog Tannen -> It'll be great if ... (25/6/2013 8:30:25 AM)

... it's all about his BBQ-loving CIA chums. Mills could be working with them again but it all goes wrong and he has to rescue them or something. I'd be up for it!

Dannybohy -> RE: It'll be great if ... (25/6/2013 9:05:23 AM)

Unless its a 15 or 18 it can go fuck off!

kinkykeeks -> RE: It'll be great if ... (25/6/2013 9:43:27 AM)

Nooo!!! Why do we have to have more bad sequels to great stand alone movies!! Did Hollywood learn nothing from Hangover 2&3 or Taken 2, not to mention all the other bad, unneeded sequels that came before

Whistler -> (25/6/2013 10:31:57 AM)

It'll be contractual. Neeson sounded less than enthused about Taken 2 so I can't see why he'd actually want to do a third.

Filmfan 2 -> (25/6/2013 11:29:30 AM)

For Christ's sake!

More fool anyone who goes to see this.

Filmfan 2 -> Forsaken 3 (25/6/2013 12:22:14 PM)

Double Post Hijinks.

durelius -> hmm (25/6/2013 8:01:32 PM)

I think the major problem I can see here budget for 2 was 45mill ok reasonable by todays standards but they want to pay the star almost half the budget of the 2nd one to come back again. Just throw money at him he'll give in and do another, that's not the way to do it, write a good fuckin script let him read it and if it's good he'll jump at it and say guys this is a really cool idea I want to do this a make a good film.
Simple guess we'll be introduced to an old friend of his and then one of their loved ones will be taken and he'll oblige his friend with his skills.

Cool Breeze -> RE: hmm (26/6/2013 8:36:55 PM)

Bet you in the third one his dog gets kidnapped.

cliff126 -> Predicted Titles: (28/6/2013 10:45:04 AM)

Taken the Piss
Taken up the Arse (by the Financers)
Or just plain old Taken 3: Electric Boogaloo

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