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Empire Admin -> 15 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs You May Have Missed (21/6/2013 10:22:57 AM)

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chief brody -> Wow - all of that, and it still sucked ass! (21/6/2013 10:22:57 AM)

It seems that a decent film was even harder to spot within the mess that was Man of Steel!

shadozfest -> That opened sarcophagus was most definitely left in on purpose (21/6/2013 10:33:09 AM)

There was a prequel comic published about that ship. In it the pilot of the ship was Kara Zor-El who is Supergirl.

Gazzabrook -> RE: Wow - all of that, and it still sucked ass! (21/6/2013 10:38:35 AM)

I don't know what you mean Man Of Steel was Epic, the action sequences were unmatched by any superhero film, but opinions are by the by here - I spotted a few of these "Easter Eggs" and Don't worry Snyder I laughed at the "0 days without an accident" sign - Super Girl sounds Easter egg sound interesting but a villain would have been better, I mean don't want this going wrong by introducing super girl to early (or at all)

finnbarr -> Man of ZZZZ's (21/6/2013 8:13:26 PM)

Pity they didn't spend as much time developing a decent action finale instead of the endlessly boring collapsing buildings or either protagonist being flung through a multitude of skyscrapers. Yawn inducing. Go back and watch the Metropolis fight in Superman 2. 3 great villains and some menacing tension filled encounters, ALL of which were missing from this mess. And ps Terence Stamp IS Zod.

parasite -> Tombstone (21/6/2013 8:31:44 PM)

I noticed that the year of Jonathon Kent's tombstone is 1997. This is the year that Costner's "The postman" was released, thus marking the death of his career. Coincidence?

parasite -> Tombstone (21/6/2013 8:31:49 PM)

I noticed that the year of Jonathon Kent's tombstone is 1997. This is the year that Costner's "The postman" was released, thus marking the death of his career. Coincidence?

coyoteone -> RE: 15 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs You May Have Missed (21/6/2013 8:45:01 PM)

If you self-righteous types want to blame anyone for the level of violence and destruction in Man of Steel I suggest you take a good long look in the mirror. Audiences nowadays have gotten used to more CGI, more spectacle. What worked for "Superman 2" back in the day would not have worked now. I saw MOS and I loved it. Saw "Superman 2" in theaters back then and enjoyed that one too. After I saw MOS I went back and watched Superman 2. As much as I love Christopher Reeve and crew, the acting for the most part was cringe worthy and the special effects were too.

These two films have one major thing in common: Superman kills in each one. In S2 Zod and Ursa were helpless, de-powered, yet Supes and Lois tossed them into the frozen abyss anyway. Or did you really think they were sent back to the Phantom Zone? They weren't. Looking back at that scene now I realize it was so bloodless and so sanitized the audience didn't realize what was going on. I know I didn't, the very first time I saw it.

BelfastBoy -> RE: (22/6/2013 9:28:27 AM)

Seriously, who cares about allusions and 'easter eggs'? I watched MOS and spotted maybe one or two of the things on the list. Having all this extra stuff buried away, or hidden in plain sight, doesn't make the film any better or worse, does it? The film was enjoyable but far from a masterpiece, and time spent on nerdy allusions could've been time better spent in the editing room!

Ciaran McNulty -> Somewhere? (22/6/2013 7:52:16 PM)

Batman's out there....'somewhere'? Gotham, Zack. He's in Gotham.

magnusalpha -> nope (23/6/2013 6:12:25 PM)

"Many people have suggested this could be Supergirl, but really, it could be any Kryptonian character Goyer or Snyder want to put in, either in the sequel or as a spin-off. "

In the prequel comic, written by Goyer, it's Kara (supergirl's name) that gets out of the opened pod, and leaves the ship. There's no ambiguity about who it is. That doesn't mean she becomes Supergirl, or is somehow alive after 18,000 years.

Battan9000 -> Against the Hate (24/6/2013 7:24:37 PM)

Loved MOS it’s something we haven’t seen in a movie before. A DC hero in a DC Universe (apart from arguably Watchmen – also Schneider). I love the Batman films but Batman was in Nolanverse or Burton-verse or (unfortunately) Schumacherverse. We have had Superman in Donner verse (even when filmed by Singer). Green Lantern came close but messed things up a bit (especially the way they treated Parallax). Whilst Zach Schneider leaves his mark (and what a mark!!!!) you can still imagine someone else being able to pick up the ball and run with it – either for a sequel (I want Supergirl or The Flash) or a sequel. Okay I wish Superman hadn’t killed Zod that might never have happened in the comics but in the scenario wasn’t against the characterization. Never the less this is still the Superman (DC) Universe (or Multi-verse) I know and love from the comics. The Easter Eggs just make it all the more beautiful. Thank you Mr. Schneider

joshsym -> NIce (3/7/2013 11:24:46 PM)

loved all the easter eggs, enjoyed the movie alot, literally just saw it again and they left no stone unturned for superman fans wanting to see him go for it properly.
Im hopeful that wb or dc will finally announce a Justice league film. Awesomen

muse1492 -> No Capes! (5/7/2013 6:20:20 AM)

Whether is was intentional or not, I think there was another unforseen hat tip that echoed throughout the Fight Scenes from "The Incredibles" as we watch Superman getting grabbed, swung and thrown around like a rag doll by his cape, I could hear in my head the immortal words of Brad Bird voicing "Edna 'E' Mode" saying "No Capes!"

James sinfield -> Perry White (24/7/2014 1:47:29 AM)

This is perhaps another "Smallville" reference, Perry White in this film is Louis' manager at the "Daily Planet" whilst in "Smallville" the television series, Perry White is a journalist who helps Louis and offers Clark a job at the "Daily Planet". No one I think has picked up on this yet.

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