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Empire Admin -> The Paintings That Inspired The Movies (20/6/2013 2:51:06 PM)

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Helen OHara -> RE: Lee/Howe (21/6/2013 4:35:02 PM)

Murray, they were illustrating the same subject matter as the film, so I categorised them with Dali and Spellbound as being too closely involved.

DunBirnin -> RE: (22/6/2013 9:46:08 AM)

Clever. Never made that link before :-)

annrhoward -> Rembrandt? (23/6/2013 1:51:37 PM)

What about Peter Greenaway's 'Nightwatching' based on Rembrandt's painting 'The Night Watch' ?

annrhoward -> Rembrandt? (23/6/2013 1:52:52 PM)

Ah I see. Too close?

drico -> Nighthawks and The Sting maybe? (25/6/2013 11:01:21 AM)

When I first saw this picture it reminded me so much of when Hooker (Redford) meets the female assassin posing as a waitress in the cafe.

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