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Empire Admin -> Prometheus Sequel Has A Writer (18/6/2013 11:29:09 AM)

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Hugh_Fran -> Good news (18/6/2013 11:29:09 AM)

I loved Prometheus and I think there is a lot of over-the-top hatred for this movie. I think one or two bad reviews spiralled and everybody jumped on the 'lets hate Prometheus' bandwagon. For me, a movie shouldn't have to explain every single detail and the so-called plot holes for me where not that much of an annoyance. The unexplained events only mean that there is things that can be debated afterwards. I'm fed up with people demanding to been spoon-fed a plot, have a bit of imagination people!! I for one am really excited about a sequel and I hope they show more of how the engineers bred the Xenomorphs, that would be awesome. Possible plot could be that when Shaw and David arrive at 'Paradise', it is overun by the Aliens and the engineers are fighting a losing battle against them (similar to the plot of Earth War novel but on a different planet).

Bladex64 -> Wearily hopeful.... (18/6/2013 12:33:33 PM)

Who knows, perhaps someone/Paglen et al, can rescue an ailing franchise but it'll take a minor cinematic miracle. Ref needing more imagination to see the best side of Prometheus, I think it is more a case of needing a frontal lobotomy. The one person you would expect to find their way back to the buggy/ship would be the surveyor who just mapped the local environs with his super-duper las-balls. Fat lot of good they did him.
It is not so much a case of plot holes (though there are plenty of those) as a case of inane plotting and scripting that jar and dis-engage the very grey cells that should be firing at full pelt with all the potential on offer. I'm willing to supspend my disbelief with the best of 'em but 20 minutes in I realised (mournfully) that Prometheus was taking the p*ss.

herbertwest1701 -> Prometheus 2, are you seeing this? (18/6/2013 12:36:05 PM)

Yes, this is great news. Perhaps it's a marmite thing, but I think Promtheus is greatly underrated. It looked beautiful, had a pretty charismatic ensemble, with Fassbender as the obvious standout. Storywise sure, a bit of a mess, but if Scott had delivered simply a retread "Alien 5" it would've been a case of 'be careful what you wish for' for some people. I applauded his taken on this. A new writer does sound like the way to go, though.

jobloffski -> RE: Good news (18/6/2013 12:38:02 PM)

I love Prometheus too. I don't care if the experts seem out of their depth and behave stupidly in a film where their expertise (built out of what they KNOW) is trumped by excitement and poor judgement in the face of the UNKNOWN and so they don't behave like experts anymore because nobody is an expert in things they have never seen before. I don't even have a problem with the surveyor not being able to find his way out. Ever been scared, really, truly, fearing death scared? Panic takes everything you can be sensible/knowledgeable about from you and leaves only an animal blindly running, not to safety necessarily, just anywhere that is not the place/near the thing that has caused panic. Real human behaviour is more like what happens in Prometheus than it is in most films. And idiocy/stupidity/bad judgement are not things experts truly leave behind and if they are arrogant enough to believe being clever makes them infallible their idiocy is only magnified when they experience it.

I love how repeated viewings fill in (for me) so many of the supposed gaps in what happens/what things mean (one look in the early part of the film from a daughter angry at her father for being disappointed in her for not being a son and for not noticing/choosing no to respond to the fact she has tried to be as much like David as she can, if that is what her father wanted from a child, only to be despised for it even more by her dad is IMO obviously not a moment from a film where things were made up as they went along, without thought, without reason, without logic, as so many of the films detractors seem to assert, because that one angry glance, apparently throwaway, has so much more to it on repeated views. Such things simply don't turn up in films that are truly without logic or narrative intent or cobbled together thoughtlessly).

Don't dumb it down next time out. Challenge me that much again. Produce a more flowing surface narrative to keep people only interested in that and not thinking about what they see if you must, and quotable lines are always cool, but don't skimp on the bits there for people who are as clever/witty/pretentiously looking for things that are not there/up my own arse as me.

Because I believe the film I saw last time out wanted me to make connections between it's elements in my head over time, not feed me hotdog and popcorn for my 'feed me now' frontal lobe. And I believe the Scott who Directed it is the Scott who sparked the 'Is Deckard a Replicant debate' by putting stuff in the film that goes that way if you choose to put the bits together and aimed to do the same with Prometheus, depicting visually and through character/relationship details a multi-layered collage of representations of aspects of the story of Prometheus. People, those from other planets, Gods, their creations, parents, children, the creators and the created, all reaching for more than they could hold and suffering the consequences. With the strands of DNA that went on to become the alien behaving exactly like a virus, mutating along the way as it sought a viable form so it could survive, later to become the creature with aspects of itself including: being virus like and able to adapt to survive because of this Ash described in Alien.

Obviously some will feel this is fanboyism, pretension, reaching, all the things they say about people who love something they don't understand the love for. Obviously, I don't care.

Bladex64 -> RE: Good news (18/6/2013 1:24:24 PM)

1) He gets lost before he gets scared.
2) This is also the film where they reanimate an aeons old fossiled head by sticking a sonic screwdriver in it's ear and talk to it.
3) Nuff said.

I say this in the full awareness that everyone is entiltled to their opinion - even if it is patently horsesh*t.

jobloffski -> RE: Good news (18/6/2013 4:04:08 PM)

1) He gets lost after getting scared because of the 'gigantic dead bodies'. I just checked. I surmise he took a wrong turning and then got lost, because he was scared. I surmise that because the next time we see him and Rafe Spall, Spall says 'we've been here before' and its an obvious inference to make, that off camera, the characters took a wrong turn.

2) They try to 'trick the nervous system into thinking it is still alive'using electricity being passed through the brain, which you can do, kind of and make facial muscles move and stimulate, very briefly,syapses. In this case it is a little more literal in bringing the head to life and the moment operates as a storytelling device, to show us how terrified the Engineer was at the end of his life, with a parasitic organism feasting on his form.

And it's probably a reference to reanimating a body made of various parts in Frankenstein, or to give it it's full title Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus.

3) Indeed.

My horse just wont stop shitting [;)]

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Good news (18/6/2013 4:13:54 PM)

I really enjoyed Prometheus BUT! have to say if there was one thing that let it down it was Lindelof's script so to see him go is a blessing.

The Watcher -> New Writer, New Director - Please (18/6/2013 10:33:26 PM)

Danny Boyle - it's about time you came on board and scared the sh*t out of us.

BenTramer -> Prometheus 2: What Just Happened (18/6/2013 11:30:28 PM)

I didn't think Ridley Scott would want to direct anything after the awful suicide of his brother Tony and it seems that it's true. They were so close and it was a hell of a shock. I wish this new writer good luck sorting out the mess left at the end of Prometheus. Damon Lindelof specialises in writing things that set up big questions that he seems incapable of answering at the end. That's why he jumped ship. The sequel can't be any worse than the first one. You can make Prometheus separate from Alien but the franchises have to intersect somewhere.

wilzduck -> Why should we? (30/6/2013 5:35:58 PM)

I wonder if I want to see a sequel to Prometheus that answers all of my questions. Surely that was what Prometheus had to do alongside delivering new ideas and setting up a franchise that could run alongside the Alien franchise.

I wonder if any writer can deal with all of the questions we have. Will the events on the ship in Alien, the eggs in the cargo hold and the larger than Prometheus space jockey be explained? Will David and Elizabeth be able to find the Engineers and the answers that they seek? Will we return to the planet and see the evolution of the alien in the escape pod?

Obviously the film doesn't have to do it but if so many people were annoyed after Prometheus because many of these questions weren't answered and many more were raised, why should audiences go and see a new film?

If Jack Paglan can do this, then it'll be a great film but I think he has an impossible job.

topsturner -> (8/4/2014 10:17:38 AM)

I enjoyed Prometheus, sure it had corny moments but at least it was some scifi for actual grown-ups - with the endless conveyor belt if comic book crap (Batman apart) we're a neglected demographic these days.

I have to say as well, visually Prometheus is gorgeous.

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