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Empire Admin -> No One Lives (16/6/2013 1:56:44 PM)

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jackcarlin18 -> (16/6/2013 1:56:44 PM)

No One Lives is a fun, smart and slick slasher that uses cliches in a playful manner and turns our perspectives upside down to create a nerving, unpredictable blood-spilled experience. And although it is sprayed in flaws as it is in blood, it safely manages to up-the-ante in the modern slasher genre, by adding in old-school material. One to watch.

amill008 -> (9/9/2013 2:14:45 AM)

I thought it was a great movie. i was able to fully engage with the film because i enjoyed the different twist it had of abducted travelers. normally i spend half the film with my eyes covered in fear for the travelers, but here i rooted for the killer and fully watched for his support.

tysmuse -> silly fun (7/10/2013 10:31:18 PM)

If you don't give a fig about low-production values, then you may be in for a real treat with this. Evans is terrific, the gore and genre subversions are welcome, as is the brief running time, but it's a not up there with You're Next for horror of the year.

ROTGUT -> NOT BAD AT ALL..... (1/11/2013 4:38:56 PM)

Gore hounds rejoice! Ryuhei Kitamura’s second Hollywood feature really hits the mark. NO ONE LIVES is a clever and effectively nasty little gem that keeps you watching right until the end. By turns, familiar, starkly violent and ferociously filmed it’s the best thriller I’ve seen all year! Luke Evans’ unstoppable serial psycho villain is a memorable creation and thanks to some committed actors getting the best out of a surprisingly inventive and literate script, the plot (such as it is) moves like an express train with very little time left for the usual romantic interludes and studio padding. And – thankfully - they don’t stint on the red stuff either which helps drive the action along with one particular scene (involving a bloated corpse) beautifully demonstrating the director’s own peculiar brand of blood drenched logic.
Joel Schumacher’s BLOOD CREEK mines a very similar vein in the unstoppable serial killer stakes, but Kitamura’s film adds more thoughtful twists and shades to compensate and is well worth a look! FOUR STARS

guysalisbury -> Gutted! (15/11/2013 9:27:15 PM)

Im not really sure why but from day one I was really excited about this film. Luke Evans looks like one for the future and Im a big fan of this genre. The fact that I couldn't find it on at any of my local cinemas only spurred on my excitement and anticipation! When my Blu-Ray copy from Love Film finally arrived I have to admit I was pretty excited! Oh dear. It appears all these months of build up had all been for nothing! This film was absolutely terrible! The acting was awful, even from Evans. The story line was shocking with so many needless little sub plots never even being explained! I can honestly say I think I preferred the re-make of I Spit On Your Grave! Just watch Eden Lake instead and be done with it! This film was terrible! I think Im being very generous giving this 2 stars! Avoid!

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