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Empire Admin -> New World War Z Clip Online (13/6/2013 10:30:15 PM)

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mrshakespere -> YES (13/6/2013 10:30:15 PM)

Looking forward to this quite a bit. I think the zombie genre is definitely an acquired one and not all acquire a taste for it; I can understand why people may dislike this film which is why I won't be put off by the expected poor critical reception it's going to be getting

BenTramer -> (14/6/2013 12:50:31 AM)

Marc Forster made a balls of Quantum of Solace and this film needed extensive reshoots. Don't know how this guy keeps getting hired to direct huge projects when he screws up so often.

FlashyCactus -> RE: YES (17/6/2013 3:59:24 PM)

i personally dont think itll be that good! how can they make a zombie film a 12A, the story looks a bit blah as well and with all the problems they have had with re shooting and script issues etc i hold reservations about this one

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