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Empire Admin -> Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Terminator Role (13/6/2013 10:18:52 PM)

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natman_begins -> Really?! (15/6/2013 2:00:14 PM)

This one of those occasions where it might be better if if just said "I won't be back!"
Despite a lot of people thinking that Salvation was cack, I thought it was the right way to go. Surely it would make no sense to brink Arnie's character into a continuation of that story for a big part, not unless that story is centred on him travelling through time again (please god no...).
I would like to have seen the war against the machines as they it was in the first 2 movies, at night, amongst the ruins of L.A. with the resistance fighting full scale battles against hoardes of "HKs" and T-800s etc...
I get the feeling that this could be another T3 style movie.

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