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Porter -> Some ropey CGI aside.... (15/6/2013 11:19:15 PM)

....still looking forward to it. Wasn't hugely excited by the Hobbit originally, but was pleasantly surprised. Biggest disapointment was that Azog was CGI and not costume and makeup. Massively reduced his scare levels. Thought Uruks in LOTR were amazing. Now they're just cartoons like everything else. Shame.

rodotski -> Changes for changes sake... (17/6/2013 10:16:45 PM)

The sight of a Lego box-set of the spider scene with Legolas and Tauriel included worries me... I actually like the way they are exploring the untold story parallel to Bilbo's adventures, but why insert new characters in scenes just for the sake of it? If Legolas and Tauriel are seen around Thranduil's Halls, fine - that doesn't contradict the existing story - it embellishes without change. However, if they rock up and rescue Bilbo and the dwarves, upstaging one of the major emergences of Bilbo's Tookish side and most important changes in the dwarves' attitudes towards him, I will not be impressed...

bydabeachman -> RE: First Trailer For The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (18/6/2013 9:34:33 PM)

Why, oh why did they show smaug!??!?!?!?!?!?? We waited the whole movie last film and now, it is there in the trailer, it killed me, i was so excited for it and then there it is... bad move peter bad move.

Jasper_29 -> RE: First Trailer For The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (24/6/2013 4:36:20 PM)

This is going to be the best computer game of 2013. Graphics are so good, this almost looks like a movie!!

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