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Empire Admin -> Killing Season Poster Up (7/6/2013 4:39:59 PM)

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BenTramer -> (7/6/2013 4:39:59 PM)

Killing Season was one of those hot scripts that everyone raved about. These scripts never seem to make very good movies for some reason. Just goes to prove William Goldman's famous saying that nobody in Hollywood knows anything. For me, De Niro and Travolta are long past their sell-by dates, they sleepwalk through movies now for the money without much enthusiasm. I'll give Killing Season a chance and would love to be surprised but I'm not expecting much.

leroythemasochist -> love the idea (8/6/2013 8:45:36 AM)

but wtf is that hat about??
and the honest abe beard?
whatever - i like stuff like this but it looks like the sorta thing i'd watch on Film 4 as opposed to the cinema...
reminds me of a Sidney Poitier/Tom Berenger movie. Title anyone?
and it's kind of a bit First Blood (sorta)
and then there's the Shooter-guy-living-in-the-mountains thing (I'm sure there's other movies like that)
but the casting is a bit odd.
DeNiro - no problem with - still love him.
Travolta - no real worries BUT... he's playing a Serbian??
Not that he shouldn't be allowed to play a nonAmerican but why?
I'm gonna just put this out there and say that his character turns up as a right badass and DeNiro just wants to KILL KILL KILL! but THEN... (because he's played by an American) DeNiro sees that this guy was just doing what he was told to do in Croatia (not that he was ever an evil murderer - he was probably just a good shot doing his job) and someone else turns up who's the REAL twisted evil bastard.
Or something.
But let's hope it's less predictable but this is the usual way of things.
If it's an American movie (which are great) and it's got a foreigner in it - they will be bad bad bad and the yank will be the hero.
People will argue with this but it's a fact guys

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