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Empire Admin -> Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Up For Gods Of Egypt (6/6/2013 6:51:04 PM)

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limguine -> This is utterly disgusting (15/6/2013 6:59:54 AM)

How is it OK for a white man to play an EGYPTIAN god?? Egypt is in Africa and the whitewashing of one of their gods is despicable. Yes, let's insert white actors as the lead of every major production, regardless of whether it's appropriate of not. Everyone involved with this casting choice should be ashamed of themselves for continuing the tradition of racism in the film industry.

dshariff -> Deception of Truth (1/9/2013 6:30:39 PM)

The days of you white boys producing movies about Ancient Africa painted white are through. I am a grandmother with 7 grands and have thoroughly educated them about the lies the media plays and how movies make the world think that ONLY white people did cool things. If any of you had any integrity you would at least cast honestly and have an African cast that truly depicts who the REAL Kings and Queens were doing this time in Africa. But as the saying goes, you can't throw pearls at get what I'm saying!!! shame on ALL of you!!

stanley1976 -> cast (24/9/2013 11:57:05 PM)

I think Madalina Ghenea would be perfect for the slave's role

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