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Empire Admin -> Sony Wants To Remake A Prophet (6/6/2013 9:14:05 AM)

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Judge -> (6/6/2013 9:14:05 AM)

"Original story telling"... something your remake automatically cannot boast.

Nicky C -> Handled right, could be amazing. (6/6/2013 12:08:36 PM)

The original is one of the best crime stories ever in my personal opinion. I think transposing to the States would be interesting because they would have an opportunity to talk about the U.S. penal system i.e. the abhorent 'three strikes' rule that can see a man go to prison for life for stealing a loaf of bread if he has two priors, or the fact that prisoners in the U.S. are essentially a slave labour force. This could be even more incendiary than the French original!

con2013 -> it might work. (6/6/2013 1:19:12 PM)

A Prophet is one of my favourite films of the last few years, I think a remake could work as long as the the lead is mixed raced and with maybe De Niro in the Cesar role.

Coyleone -> RE: it might work. (6/6/2013 2:25:04 PM)

Oh dear, another absolutely pointless remake. The original more than likely will not be improved upon.

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