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Empire Admin -> Patrick Stewart Teases X-Men: Days Of Future Past (3/6/2013 1:17:29 PM)

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Paulieman -> Ehh wrong (3/6/2013 1:17:29 PM)

Check your sources Ali Plumb. Charles Xavier didn't die in X-Men The Last Stand. Have you forgotten about the bonus scene or haven't watched it maybe?

beamo32 -> In Wolverine... (3/6/2013 2:25:54 PM)

In X-Men Origins; Wolverine. Didn't Patrick Stewart make a guest appearance looking younger and walking. Then fast-forward (or rewind?) back to when in First Class, didn’t James McAvoy’s incarnation of Professor X suffer the spinal injury that made him wheel chair bound....I might be wrong but if I’m not: how will they get around that?

My Guess is’ that Wolverine will be binned off as non Cannon?

Killjoy_Gee -> In Wolverine (3/6/2013 2:36:20 PM)

If I'm right - which I may not be - it's just a theory, plus I haven't watched Origins in yonks - I thought 'Patrick Stewart' was an astral projection.

ericcoyle -> Probably Doesn't matter (3/6/2013 2:55:42 PM)

The thing is it is bound to be another major disappointment like the other Singer X films. Boring unengaging characters, dull film making which fails to do anything visually interesting, romantic entanglements which are just vapid, empty attempts to get you interested and rubbish poorly filmed action which completely fails to enthrall and excite. Come back Matthew, all is forgiven.

Paulieman -> hah! (3/6/2013 4:36:23 PM)

What are you talking about ericcoyle? X-Men 1 & 2 were both successes and good entertaining movies.
For me, the only disappointment from Singer is Superman Returns and Valkyrie (haven't seen Jack the Giant Slayer yet). Loved his work on X-Men

Cool Breeze -> RE: Ehh wrong (3/6/2013 5:18:35 PM)


ORIGINAL: Paulieman

Check your sources Ali Plumb. Charles Xavier didn't die in X-Men The Last Stand. Have you forgotten about the bonus scene or haven't watched it maybe?

Xaviers body died but his consciousness was transferred to the body of ( possibly ) his bed ridden twin brother.

Paulieman -> ! (3/6/2013 9:29:32 PM)

Cool Breeze: His old body didn't "die" lol.. it got destroyed. But his mind, soul and consciousness survived. As he transferred himself to the coma patient that was under the care of Moira

ericcoyle -> Yes it is! Oh no it isn't! (4/6/2013 1:24:38 PM)

Sorry, but I really have to respond to the person who defended the X-Men films. These films really are not great films and to stand up for such mediocrity is a bit silly. The films are passable at best. They are not poorly acted and the casting works fine. But to relegate Cyclops to a second fiddle role, to down grade one of the longest running love affairs in comics to the point where Jean G can happily fall for Wolverine (why, for god's sake? Because she really fancies him? Where is the character dynamic that makes this work? Answer, there isn't one.) Then to film the combat sequences like some TV movie, having one on one fights, presumably because it's cheaper to shoot.
The films aren't Plan NIne bad, just desperately disappointing and the writers have struggled to make the characters really fly on screen in any of the films (not including First Class, which is a cut above). Valkyrie showed that even with a story which should be edge-of-the-seat gripping and desperately sad, Singer just isn't up to it. He hasn't made a great film since Usual Suspects, which probably shows it was the script, not the director who made the difference.

Sparkykelly69 -> Fodder !! (4/6/2013 2:07:38 PM)

Thats what XMen Origins: Wolverine will be consigned to. If you forget all about that movie (which many you have tried) then I take it they will through in the bonus scene of charles transferring his consciousness to the coma patient at the end of X3. Or they could bin that aswell, and Singer can do his own X3.2 and continue on from where he left off, and integrate Xmen First Class inot this new movie anyway he sees fit. The studios are never going to please everyone, especially the diehard fans, which these movies are not made for, they are made for the general public who dont know the back stories from the comics and just go along for the ride and add to the xmen cash cow. I am excited for this movie,as I really enjoyed First Class, even with its flaws.
"It could just turn out be another X3 or Wolverine shambless"......Roll on July 2014

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