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Empire Admin -> 13-Minute Man Of Steel Featurette Crash Lands (3/6/2013 12:58:27 PM)

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tjhyman -> Wow! Ten days to go - cannot wait!!! (3/6/2013 12:58:27 PM)

That's all I need to say!

captainrentboy -> Sooo much footage being released!! (3/6/2013 1:05:37 PM)

I remember about 6 weeks ago when the geeky boards for this film were filled with moaning about the lack of marketing.
''Waaaa didn't they learn from Superman Returns, where's the action?!!''
''Waaaa, why are there only three trailers with hardly any new footage in them, Iron Man's got 50 trailers?!!''
It appears to have gone the opposite way now, with sooo many TV spots and features. :/ Thankfully, with super levels of control, I've only seen the first three trailers, so I know I have loads of unspoiled eye candy to come.
Anyone know when reviews are due to start appearing? I know early public screenings are starting in the US this week.

Wicket55 -> Enough Footage already! (3/6/2013 2:07:26 PM)

Will be watching this in 2D IMAX on the 17th, so have banned myself from watching any more footage! Please let this be good Mr.Snyder!

mcatton -> Not listening, fingers now in ears etc (3/6/2013 5:18:19 PM)

I've wisely decided to cease and desist all contact with this film until I see it as I was beginning to act like a junkie desperate for the next fix with each new trailer/tv spot. If I hadn't stopped the eventual product would never top my already lofty expectations. NB I still love Superman Returns etc your all wrong etc etc

ELLABELLA -> Can't wait (3/6/2013 5:23:34 PM)

I can't wait for this film , as foe Superman returns it wasn't as bad as everyonr made out , Kevin Spacey was a great Lex Luthor

Cameron1975Williams -> They appear to have captured some of the heart of... (3/6/2013 6:02:09 PM)

...the Salkind movies. From all the footage I've seen, and there's been a huge amount, I have noticed what appear to be numerous nods to the original films. This can only be a good thing. There are moments in those films that haven't been surpassed by any contemporary comic-book movie.

bydabeachman -> RE: 13-Minute Man Of Steel Featurette Crash Lands (3/6/2013 6:58:48 PM)

Brilliant Featurette! I felt this gave a wonderful insight into the amazing world that has been created and is propelling the DCU into it's initial phases. What a great way to start it off other than Superman! The featurette keeps the secrets at bay still and really focuses on the crew that brought this thing together and the motivation behind the characters. I feel they shed light onto the world they created out of the DC comics and the changes they have made, again without giving away anything we don't know. Being able to see 4 seconds of actual footage form the film was more than enough, seeing everyone running into the building as superman is on the street being pelted by an unknown assailant. This film is going to change the game.

belcher77 -> RE: 13-Minute Man Of Steel Featurette Crash Lands (3/6/2013 11:32:53 PM)

Great featurette! This movie looks bloody awesome!!!

Diane Lane still looks so gorgeous in the featurette.
I didn't think they could make her Martha-ish, but looks like they've succeeded.

NeoBrowser -> RE: 13-Minute Man Of Steel Featurette Crash Lands (4/6/2013 3:14:38 AM)

This is fantastic.

I cannot wait for this film!

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