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Empire Admin -> Now Meet Transformers 4's Hound (2/6/2013 10:09:02 PM)

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Hector26 -> Hound...DAWG! (2/6/2013 10:09:02 PM)

Loved Hound in the original first series cartoon, really was a great character and fun and played a big part in the Autobots, great memories of him from my childhood

Dannybohy -> RE: Hound...DAWG! (3/6/2013 9:02:24 AM)

Hound was my favourite as a child, but he is a Military Jeep! not this fucking monstrosity! you f'ing assholes!

Nicky C -> What's the problem? (3/6/2013 9:52:33 AM)

This looks badass! This Hound would eat the old Jeep Hound. The old Hound's a p*ssy compared to this. This Hound is going to crush old Hound, eat his metal bones, poop them out and then use them to desecrate all the fanboys' childhood memories (which might be a good thing because they might grow up) and then bitch slap some sense into them for caring about a kid's franchise. I repeat ... a KID'S franchise. Then he's going to digitally insert himself into Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy before rewriting the Justice League movie into a romcom starring Zac Efron. Yeeeeeah! How you like him now?

Kalielyn -> (3/6/2013 4:31:24 PM)

Was watching the first one again the other day with a mate, got us thinking, why did the decepticon's get all the cool transforms, 2 jet's, helicopter, satilite and a tank! All the autobots got were cars.... At least this will help to balance the field a little

dralexrobinson -> Not Sure (19/8/2013 2:26:15 PM)

Hound, in the original cartoons at least, was one of the first to form a connection with Spike and the other humans (as opposed to Bumblebee in the films) because he was a humanitarian who only used violence if he had to. Seeing him as an MTV doesn't bode well for the new film - kinda against his nature. And, they're gonna need a SEVERELY good actor to voice him if he is gonna be a reflection of the original Gen 1 version.

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