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Empire Admin -> Star Trek Into Darkness Spoiler Podcast (13/5/2013 1:16:11 PM)

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whedon#1 -> Ship Name (13/5/2013 1:16:11 PM)

For your future reference the Black ship in the movie is called the USS Vengeance, in the credits it says USS Vengeance crew

tommyinglis -> The Ending (13/5/2013 9:24:50 PM)

Of this movie ruined it for me. When they killed a certain someone of, I thought it was amazing and new and great. Then they cheated. I gave it 3 stars.

jazzyjules63 -> (14/5/2013 2:50:03 AM)

@tommyinglis - "new and great" - I take it you've never seen WOK?

I loved the movie. My only quibbles are:
1) Did anyone else think it was inordinately loud?
2) Whilst I think Cumberbatch is a great actor I'm not happy with the casting of a blue eyed, (very) white man as a sikh. Surely there are many Indian actors that could have filled this role. I'm aware that such a casting would have given the whole Khan secret away but so what?
3) Not happy with the copying of WOK death scene. Unnecessary. I wholeheartedly agree with Helen O'Hara.

Don_Lyall -> Agreed (23/5/2013 10:28:06 AM)

Agree with the sentiment - good but flawed. A solid movie that I feel I'd have been better served not being that excited about a priori.

But! I actually think it works quite well as taking elements of the Khan story and shuffling them about, as if they clicked 'refresh' on the Star Trek 2 script. However I get that it's quite a vague 'reimagining' that at the same time references plot points of the original an awful lot.

Don_Lyall -> Oh and... (23/5/2013 10:29:02 AM)

Nice touch, with the Section 31 and - basically - U.S.S. Excelsior.

'That's a hell of a ship...'

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