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Empire Admin -> Two New Man Of Steel Posters (12/5/2013 9:24:21 PM)

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darktrain -> help (12/5/2013 9:24:21 PM)

i still don't know if i want to see not convinced yet and this is probably the last trailer there will be...anyone else feel like this?

belcher77 -> (12/5/2013 11:13:03 PM)

MAN OF STEEL looks awesome, with an awesome cast... Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Amy Adams... it goes on. Great stuff.

This movie has more posters than I've had hot dinners though. :)

hermes16 -> weak (12/5/2013 11:58:29 PM)

the trailer looks ace, but these posters look lame. dull dull dull...

jazzyjules63 -> (13/5/2013 1:58:06 AM)

Whilst I appreciate that they've gone away from the standard studio "five big heads" poster, I don't think poor illustrations are the answer either. Keep trying, art dept.

logan 5 -> So... (13/5/2013 2:39:26 PM)

Just hanging not flying ...SOLD... i mean come on it is Superman after all - if Christopher is looking down please bless this movie to deliver because so far it sure looks like it will and for all 'true believers'...

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