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Empire Admin -> Collins Set for City Of Bones Sequel (9/5/2013 4:09:28 PM)

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king of the empire -> city of bones (9/5/2013 4:09:29 PM)

no offense like ive never read the books and they are probably one damn good read but based on what ive seen about the movie it looks like nothing more than a cheap cash in on the fanbase that are also favourable of twilight. after seiing twilight and hunger games the last thing the cinema needs is another shit book to movie adaption of a girly girl who falls in love with a dark and mysterious dude who's sum how always involved in sum thing pertaining to the supernatural. this year we also had dark creatures which was adapted from book to movie and it was pure awful and a insult to the books. most of this girly supernatural romance novels tend be very cliche and do nothing more than portray sterotypes. i think its time movie producers leave awesum girly books alone and stop slaughtering them to pieces in their sad attempts to make a quick buck.

LostPevensie -> Manly Man (19/5/2013 12:05:26 AM)

Hello Manly Man. I read the books. They may not be Shakespeare and the movies may be trash but I wonder what bothers you more: that it is a franchise gear for girls (no brothers ruling the world) or that it may be a bad movie. You guys have your fun with all those stupid manly movies in which women are objectified, murdered and victimized. Let young girls have fun too. Movies are not only for manly macho men. And by the way Katniss is not a girly girl that fell for a dark stranger neither is Clary.

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