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Empire Admin -> Jurassic Park 4 On Hold (9/5/2013 9:18:03 AM)

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NateDrake007 -> (9/5/2013 9:18:03 AM)

JP4...will find a way

Overmind -> RE: (9/5/2013 10:10:43 AM)


ORIGINAL: NateDrake007

JP4...will find a way

With feathers.....

ongbakdan -> (9/5/2013 10:44:36 AM)

Welcome, To Jurassic Park........delay.....

TPM007 -> Always going to happen (9/5/2013 11:42:48 AM)

I always thought a 2014 release date was too early when it was announced. I'm guessing a Summer 2015 release, which should give plenty of time to put things together nicely!

Nicky C -> That sounds sensible, but ... (9/5/2013 12:08:18 PM)

Personally, I don't get why big movies have to have their release date announced before they go into production. I can't see that it serves any useful purpose, especially not to the audience. It's not like anyone says 'I have to make sure I save £10 and keep my evenings free in June 2014 (or whenever) so I can watch Jurassic Park 4.' 90% won't give a rat's ass until they see the trailer and they certainly don't care what geek sites think because frankly very very few people do. Studios worry about that kind of shit all the time when they should be worrying about the quality of their scripts.

Overmind -> RE: That sounds sensible, but ... (11/5/2013 6:35:47 AM)

I see Your point and agree.
More often now we see the Companies aiming for a period, like summer 2015, wich is fine.
The specific date we can work out later :)

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