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Empire Admin -> Infographic: How Marvel Assembled Its Cinematic Universe (7/5/2013 8:51:17 PM)

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jmebaby25 -> (7/5/2013 8:51:17 PM)

It's early days, but the box office openings suggest it may well be the biggest of the year (including Man Of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness). I'd be amazed if Iron Man 4 isn't on the cards. Judging from RDJ's appearance on the Daily Show, all of this talk of him not returning is just part of his contract negotiations.

Anthony Lynch -> (8/5/2013 4:42:09 AM)

Tell me, what's the deal with Spider-Man? X-Men? Why are they not in these films? It just seems wrong, since they are my favourite Marvel superheroes.

Osric -> RE: (8/5/2013 7:44:57 AM)


ORIGINAL: jmebaby25

I'd be amazed if Iron Man 4 isn't on the cards.

Have you seen Iron Man 3?

stuxmusic -> RE: (8/5/2013 7:45:38 AM)

The reason is because different studios hold the rights. That's actually the main reason you saw the new Spider-Man film so soon after Spider-Man 3. If they didn't use it, they'd lose it. It's also why Blade and Ghost Rider have reverted back to marvel recently, and why Daredevil and Elektra did the same last year. Turns out you're more likely to see those come into the Avengers-Sphere than Spider-Man, Fantastic Four or X-Men. Although, I would love it, the respective makers have said as much too, but they know it wouldn't happen.

SuperShell -> (9/5/2013 11:48:13 AM)

Am I the only one who sort of likes that Spider-man and X-men are not owned by Marvel studios? Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing the films made separately and them not being a part of Marvel's plan for now but I can't see the x-men and the avengers in the same film... I think that would be a very tough film to make...

BadgerHead -> (11/5/2013 5:44:11 AM)

Things are going to get more and more barmy and this is good. By the way, the Ang Lee Hulk is no bad.

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