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Empire Admin -> Cruise Accepts New Mission: Impossible (7/5/2013 10:22:11 AM)

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spark1 -> Odd Numbered/Hair Length (7/5/2013 10:22:11 AM)

its an odd numbered m:i but cruise should keep the hair long to get big box office.

Dannybohy -> RE: Odd Numbered/Hair Length (7/5/2013 10:47:00 AM)


AxlReznor -> RE: Odd Numbered/Hair Length (7/5/2013 11:06:15 AM)

Mission: Impossible is one of those rare franchises which I've liked every installment more than the last, but I can't help thinking that Cruise is getting a bit old to be an all-action superspy nowadays.
He's still okay for most other action movies, of course, but I'd assume people in Ethan's job have pretty short careers...

beardyphysics -> Reacher (7/5/2013 12:55:12 PM)

I have loved all of the M:I films but would much rather see him do another Reacher film.

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