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Empire Admin -> New Pacific Rim Poster Online (1/5/2013 4:53:37 PM)

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pete_traynor -> Still far from sold on this... (1/5/2013 4:53:37 PM)

But that poster is pretty cool!

Ertai23 -> (1/5/2013 5:35:44 PM)

I think this movie is a good example of what I like to call the Conan test: in Conan the Barbarian, there's a scene where Conan punches a camel in the face. If that sentence makes you want to see the movie, you'll like it. If not, you won't.

Similarly, my guess is that if the idea of giant monsters v giant robots appeals to you, you'll like it. If not, you probably won't.

jazzyjules63 -> (2/5/2013 4:39:17 AM)

I cannot decide which movie I'm more looking forward to - this or Man of Steel. I fully expect both to rock. I would pay for both Blu Rays right now.

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