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Empire Admin -> Daredevil Is Officially Back At Marvel (24/4/2013 10:16:52 AM)

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veedlemonster -> Sweet. Marvel could do with a Batman. (24/4/2013 10:16:52 AM)

They could easily throw a Daredevil film into phase 3, with him as a street level hero in NY rather than the world-saving type like The Avengers.
Not so far-fetched to have Matt Murdock go from blind-lawyer harassed by criminals to with tragic Batman-style past, to being inspired by The Avengers to suit up and fight badguys.
He could also fulfill the Spider-Man role for Avengers 3 / Civil War...

Myles Mac -> Casting Fassbender. (24/4/2013 1:34:53 PM)

Casting Fassbender, would be ok, but as he already plays Magneto in the MarvelVerse may be slightly confusing.
I'm thinking Eddie Redmayne would be perfect,

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Casting Fassbender. (24/4/2013 1:49:21 PM)

REDMAYNE!!![sm=23.gif] Seriously I know he's a Ginger & all but no way should he be Matt Murdock.
It's all gonna come down to what stage of life they want to start him at I mean when he was trained by Stick which would require a younger actor or when he was going 1 on 1 vs the Kingpin in which case someone older.

Nicky C -> Depends how old Murdock will be in the movie... (24/4/2013 1:58:59 PM)

... Personally, I'd sew him into phase 3 by having him young and introducing him through the S.H.I.E.L.D show. He'd be a couple of years out of Law School and struggling to help the people of Hell's Kitchen. I'd cast Aaron Paul any day because he's awesome ... and because his crank's 96% pure ... bitch.

Trubie -> Give it to (24/4/2013 1:59:23 PM)

The bloke who plays 'Arrow' in the TV series.....

MikeAnhony -> This may be a stretch, but perhaps Alex Pettyfer? (24/4/2013 2:42:03 PM)

Yes, he's young, not that great of an actor, and a total pretty boy, but that was the same story for Evans as Captain (though Evans is older now, but many thought he'd act too young).

Pettyfer could possibly bring something interesting to this kind of story, especially because it incorporates the "handicap" of being blind. But, please, no Goslin..

Cool Breeze -> RE: This may be a stretch, but perhaps Alex Pettyfer? (24/4/2013 3:21:41 PM)

Ryan Gosling for Daredevil.

Come on Marvel, make him an offer!

Artoo -> RE: This may be a stretch, but perhaps Alex Pettyfer? (24/4/2013 3:52:47 PM)

I like the idea of Gosling as Daredevil but also think Chris Pine would do a grand job as the man without fear!! [:D] But I also think Damien Lewis would've been so good in Joe Carnahan's take on Daredevil and am quite frankly absolutely gutted that I wont get to see it come to fruition! (Carnahans version of the film that is - not Damien Lewis as DD)

I do however quite like the fact that Marvel have gotten Daredevil back (they should get them all back IMO), but on the flipside I also think a Daredevil movie needs to be [dare I say], darker than the rest of the Marvel studio's films to date, and that it simply wouldn't work if it were done in the same vein as The Avengers or Iron Man.

If you try to make a dark and gritty character lighter and more accessible on screen, you'll end up with a Ghost Rider type situation (which were BOTH absolute shite), wheras you make a dark and gritty character dark and gritty on screen, you end up with a Blade type situation (which I think is still one of the best comic book movies to date). Don't mention The Punisher though!! [;)]

Snake 4Skin -> I DARE YE MARVEL,I DARE YE (24/4/2013 7:20:28 PM)

For Gods sake Mravel,give it to Joe! Forget the street grit of NARC,the ridiculous action of A-TEAM,the survival of spirit of THE GREY,based on that pastiche trailer,GIVE IT TO MR. CARNAHAN,I double-double-dare you!

feelinglistless -> Bring back Affleck. (26/4/2013 7:19:19 PM)

The Director's Cut of Daredevil's actually tonally pretty close to what the Avengers universe it trying to accomplish. My prefered option would be for the directors cut of the original film to be retrospectively co-opted into the Avengers universe along with the Elektra spin-off and have Affleck in some version of a sequel.

But then, my prefered option is for all the studios to end this bizarre walled garden approach the verse and cross pollinate everything, or at the very least acknowledge the other franchises/series exist. To have the new FF films in the same verse as X-Men but then not by extension due to rights issues co-ordinate those with Spiderman and the Avengers things is just bizarre.

sangypange -> RE: Bring back Affleck. (27/4/2013 7:16:13 AM)

This is great news, at the moment i feel the mark waid Daredevil is one of the best books or there and will be remembered as a classic and will hopefully spark an interest to rebooting a new film, tonally i think it should co exist within the avengers universe, but have him a street level hero, it shouldn't be too dark and gritty because it wouldn't work unless they wentfull out with a fifteen rating, Daredevil is a rich character with a lot of possibilities

danielthompson99 -> Don't care who plays him (29/4/2013 10:27:41 AM)

A great plot to show would be the story when he becomes one of the Hand's leaders.
A really dark and convoluted tale that one.

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