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zcarstheme -> TrashHouse: The Uncensored Truth (23/4/2013 10:41:14 AM)

In 2004, I made my first movie.

We had a small budget, very little practical experience and no connections. I advertised for cast and crew on the internet. I hired a warehouse, we built sets out of wood and I filmed a ludicrously ambitious script on a mini DV camcorder.

The movie was called Trashhouse.

It ended up getting a wide DVD release in the UK. I had the joy of walking into the branch of Blockbuster that I had once worked in, and seeing multiple copies on the shelf. In Empire itself, the wonderful Mr Kim Newman said it had 'Clever ideas but dodgy tech credits'.

While we shot, we let filmmaker Mike Borland film everything we did. A cut-down version of Mike's documentary ended up on the DVD. Yesterday I posted the full version up on Vimeo.

A bit of context to remember; this is filmmaking 2004 style. No DSLRs, no video blogs because such things just didn't exist. No YouTube, no Facebook. Editing footage at home was only just becoming possible. I cut the whole damn film on a PC with a 20 Gig hard drive.

Hope you dig it.

TrashHouse - The Uncensored Truth

Funkyrae -> RE: TrashHouse: The Uncensored Truth (1/5/2013 9:07:06 PM)

And a kick ass movie it is. I know you've said it's flawed, but I still think you're being overly critical.

Yes, your films have improved, there's no denying it. The 'Tales' series has been proof of that, but TrashHouse rocks.

Seriously folks, if you want your horror bland, unoriginal and made for the mass market; go see any one of the hundred of things that are edited to make sure they don't get anything higher than a 15 certificate BUT if you like your horror to have a bit of imagination, a bit of style and a flair that makes it stand out, go get some Jinx Media films.

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