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Empire Admin -> The Birth Of Movie Music From A-Z (20/4/2013 3:39:30 AM)

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darragh793 -> Where is John Williams? (20/4/2013 3:39:30 AM)

Frankly shocked to see the notable absence of John Williams from this list. One of the most iconic film composers of all time, the man has scored what can easily be described as the most famous film soundtracks ever (E.T, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Schindler's List). His music is the soundtrack of mine, and millions of others', childhood. A massive contributor to the delicate, yet criminally undervalued, aspect of cinema that is the score.

Osric -> RE: Where is John Williams? (20/4/2013 11:18:10 AM)

This is The Early History of Soundtracks. Apparently you've missed the "early". It's The Birth of Movie Music. John Williams will be along in about a hundred years. You fool.

Hood_Man -> RE: Where is John Williams? (20/4/2013 3:16:52 PM)

Here's John Williams:


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