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Ivana2804 -> not a bad article, but... (2/5/2013 5:48:36 PM)

This article mostly does good to represent what THG is about, but the people who actually need to know that are those who haven't read the books. Did you really have to spoil the Quarter Quell for them? Lionsgate have so far tried not to, but every online article sadly does.

Also, the ending of the "love triangle" part is incorrect and misleading: "but in The Hunger Games Katniss herself is so much more concerned with staying alive than with either of the guys, which rather puts romantic dilemmas in perspective." You should have said that she's not concerned with romance, or rather, that she doesn't want romance, but it's certainly not true that she's not concerned about them. I hate it when articles like these, in trying to show that Katniss is not Bella Swann, go to the other extreme and misrepresent her as some sort of a cold selfish survivalist, which is the complete opposite of what she is. If she's more concerned with her own survival than "either of the guys", why is she risking her life to come to Gale's aid in the scenes that are in the trailer, and why is the entire second half of Catching Fire about


Katniss trying to save Peeta's life at the expense of her own?


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