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Empire Admin -> Interstellar (10/4/2013 9:37:20 AM)

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TomTron -> RE: Interstellar (14/12/2013 4:10:35 PM)

Here's the real deal:

Cool Breeze -> RE: Interstellar (14/12/2013 9:37:38 PM)

Now thats a good teaser.Doesnt give anything away plotwise but still intrigues enough to make you interested.

Nolan can do no wrong as far as im concerned so bring it on!

rich -> RE: Interstellar (15/12/2013 1:57:42 PM)

Is this teaser really exciting at all? No. Is a space movie from this lot worth getting interested in? Still a yes, same as when they announced it. Will wait until they release an Inception style tease with actual footage.

Private Hudson -> RE: Interstellar (22/2/2014 11:56:57 PM)

Hope they release some stuff soon on this. I am very interested to see what they come up with as it is supposed to be based on wormhole theory and time travel....

Chris Boomen -> RE: Interstellar (24/2/2014 4:37:06 PM)

The teaser was crap, but the first teaser for inception didn't intruige me either.

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Interstellar (24/2/2014 5:14:26 PM)

As teasers go I thought it was well done.

It gives indications of where the story is going in those harvesting shots,the lack of our pioneering dreams and the general emotional substance involved, all edited in this subtle manner.

Captain Black -> RE: Interstellar (30/7/2014 10:55:29 PM)

New and fantastic trailer on the main page:

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: Interstellar (31/7/2014 8:13:37 AM)

Looks epic!

paulyboy -> RE: Interstellar (31/7/2014 5:00:10 PM)

Yeah looks great, I love Sci-Fi like this, not very much about sadly, Contact is a firm favourite of mine, here's hoping this makes an equal impression.

shool -> RE: Interstellar (31/7/2014 5:15:21 PM)

Yup totally Epic. Cant wait!

Captain Black -> RE: Interstellar (31/7/2014 10:16:56 PM)

The trailers have so far pushed the Big! Emotion! side of things which if true (and honestly, when have trailers ever lied to us?) means that Nolan's pushing himself in that direction -- he's never really excelled (as much as I like most of his films) in that area; he's largely excelled more on the technical/intellectual side.

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: Interstellar (1/8/2014 8:32:31 AM)

I'm going to regret saying this (i'm regretting it right now in case of a certain poster latching onto it!) but this really would have been great in 3D based on what we've seen so far. The epic space moments and sequences. I mean don't get me wrong, in Imax it will be a terrific experience, but 3D would have been even better, for me.

Cue Cool Breeze. [:D]

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: Interstellar (1/8/2014 8:33:35 AM)

The other thing I meant to say was that it seems very much like Matthew is channeling his True Detective character quite a bit. Not a major problem, but the delivery seems very similar.

Captain Black -> RE: Interstellar (1/8/2014 9:36:23 PM)

That's just how he speaks in all of his roles! [:D]

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: Interstellar (4/8/2014 8:58:27 AM)

Ha i suppose, i mean that really stoned style line delivery where he sounds like he's just baked out of his mind (yes he's had a history with pot but i thought his bongo days were well behind him!). Don't get me wrong he's a great actor, but i do like his Dirk Pitt style enthusiasm he brought to Sahara. I guess this is a more sombre affair though.

NotRottenTomatoes -> RE: Interstellar (5/8/2014 2:27:28 PM)

I want this movie to be brilliant, but that trailer leaves me doubtful.

Private Hudson -> RE: Interstellar (6/8/2014 3:10:58 PM)

I think it might be quite interesting as it has set the whole thing up quite nicely... a dying world and the astronauts have to take a dangerous journey... classic sci-fi staple with added big themes I am sure.

Doubt we will find any aliens though, but that is not always a bad thing. I still love 2010 (ok so there were kind of aliens in that) but the best bits where the conflict between the Americans and Russians as war broke out on Earth and indeed the whole mission. Oh and HAL made a reappearance. I know it might be odd to mention 2010 and not 2001, but I do feel that anyone trying to 'ape' (oh there I said it) 2001 is going to fail. It is such a unique, almost experimental film that stands alone. I mean for dear old Ridley Scott to once mention Prometheus (which I enjoyed) in the same breath as 2001 is a bit silly. Totally different kinds of sci-fi movies.

UTB -> RE: Interstellar (6/8/2014 3:31:36 PM)

I'm quite looking forward to this not being in 3D, mainly because I still go and watch everything in 2D and often notice shots that have been put in merely for 3D purposes which you can spot a mile off and are often distracting (Avatar for example, swinging back and forth to show the 3D-ness of the vines/trees doesn't work in 2D), so this will at least be minus that.

prontron07 -> RE: Interstellar (14/8/2014 1:07:18 AM)

This looks like it could be Nolan's best film yet.

Scruffybobby -> Interstellar (10/10/2014 8:08:00 PM)

IMAX ticket booked! Can't wait.

Indio -> RE: Interstellar (11/10/2014 12:35:27 AM)

Same here, although had to make do with a Saturday afternoon screening - don't think using 'going to see Interstellar' would work as an excuse to leave work 2 hours early on a Friday...

Scruffybobby -> RE: Interstellar (11/10/2014 9:10:24 AM)


Same here, although had to make do with a Saturday afternoon screening - don't think using 'going to see Interstellar' would work as an excuse to leave work 2 hours early on a Friday...

That's not an excuse it's a reason. I'm seeing it on the Monday as I have Mondays off anyway.

Dr Lenera -> RE: Interstellar (12/10/2014 1:59:22 PM)

Looks decent, though I'd be more excited about it if it wasn't from Nolan.

max314 -> RE: Interstellar (27/10/2014 8:26:32 PM)

Rotten Tomatoes currently scores it as 75% with an average rating of 7.3/10.

The critics' consensus reads thusly:


Interstellar represents more of the thrilling, thought-provoking, and visually resplendent filmmaking moviegoers have come to expect from writer-director Christopher Nolan, even if its intellectual reach somewhat exceeds its grasp.

Sounds pretty good. Like Inception in space. Exposition and all.

Chris Boomen -> RE: Interstellar (27/10/2014 10:23:56 PM)

This is actually quite a bad reception for a Nolan film. Especially considering many's expectations. I think it just had too many (big) expectations that it couldn't completely live up to.

Still sounds like it's an immense cinematic experience!

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: Interstellar (28/10/2014 8:33:55 AM)

Kind of surprised by the low (for Nolan) rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Don't get me wrong, 69% is a good rating, it's just low for Nolan.

Scruffybobby -> RE: Interstellar (28/10/2014 12:00:25 PM)

Five stars from Empire. This is a good thing.

rich -> RE: Interstellar (28/10/2014 12:41:23 PM)


ORIGINAL: Scruffybobby

Five stars from Empire. This is a good thing.

Them saying it's the on par with the last Hobbit movie is pretty worrying I would say.

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Interstellar (28/10/2014 12:50:45 PM)

If James Dyer's taste in films is much like mine then we could be onto a winner.
If not *shakes fist at screen*
(still,I wasn't initially brought in by the umpteen trailers released)

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