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Empire Admin -> Anne Hathaway Set To Go Interstellar (10/4/2013 9:36:57 AM)

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Nicky C -> He should sign the Muppets, then we could have ... (10/4/2013 9:36:57 AM)

Christopher Nolan ... iiiiin spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. You know it.

Whistler -> (10/4/2013 10:17:28 AM)

Awesome news. And who would have thought a few years back that Mathew McConaughey would be the lead in a sci-fi Chris Nolan film? Very interested and excited to see how this turns out.

Mr Gittes -> Looking good (10/4/2013 2:34:46 PM)

Would've preferred to see Spielberg take this on, but nevertheless I am intrigued.

bb -> Now, I'm more excited! (10/4/2013 6:26:13 PM)

Having been the best thing about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, I am glad to see that Anne Hathaway will be reuniting with Nolan for INTERSTELLAR. I hope she will be just as good, and I'm also please to see that Matthew McConaughey has signed on to appear in this, giving the fact he's having a career revival. If Nolan can get Sir Michael Caine to be in the cast, then that's fine for me.

I also hope that Warner Bros. will green-light that rumoured CATWOMAN solo film with Hathaway reprising her role, but only if Nolan is involved.

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